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Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Dear Lord, just let me stay single

I can't take this shaming of single women.

I am a single woman. I thought by the age of 37 I'd be married, but I'm not. And I'm good with that. I'm too old to be popping out off spring, I don't have the desire to deal with another person in my space all the time.

But thanks to pastors like Durham's Andy Thompson, I will never ever get married.
Pastor Thompson seems to think it is OK for a man of God to call women hoes.

Pastor Andy Thompson, founder of the World Overcomers Christian Church in Durham, recently instructed married women to “shine it up” so their husbands will remain faithful instead of letting the “hoes he comes across” catch his eye.
So, if I'm correct, according to "Pastor Thompson" if I were to get married, I have to work out every day, keep my hair done, be the Michelle Obama to my husband's whatever. But what in the hell is my husband supposed to do? Sit at home and scratch his nuts?
He can get fat, but I'm supposed to look like a model so he won't get wayward dick syndrome?
No thank you.

Then you have the angry black man talking about what kind of woman not to date. Let me say this, there are more black men with multiple babies than women with multiple babies. I remember dating a dude with five kids. Yeah, I was young and stupid. He has five more kids than I have.

I am sick to death of people making single women feel as if we are unworthy, after every man with a penis or that having standards make us "high maintenance." So, to the pastor and the president of the He Man Woman Haters Club, don't nobody give a damn about your thoughts.
Have several seats. 

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