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Tuesday, April 8, 2014

I hope people in other countries don't believe reality TV

As I flipped the channels, I realized why I read as much as I do. TV sucks. If it's not some housewives show, it's a sports wives show.

All you see is loud, weave wearing black women making a mockery of themselves. It's just sad that Hollywood has turned it's back on original SCRIPTED TV. It's even sadder that those sports wives go to other countries and set back a race of women.

Who gets that damned excited over cognac? Even the reality shows with so-called intelligent movers and shakers turned into screaming and fighting matches. I'm done with reality shows. I'm super done with black women exploiting each other for a dollar. I'm looking at you Mona.

And VH-1 is the number one hater of black women! Followed by Bravo!

OK, rant over. I'm going to read a book or finish writing one.

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Nila N. Brown said...

Hey Girl!

Okay, I actually like some reality teevee. If I had to be honest about it, it makes me feel stable. I think the key to actually enjoying some shows is to look at them for the true comedic offerings that they are. I mean really - they live in "nice houses," drive "nice cars," wear "bling" like it's going out of style...then you kinda sorta really know that none of it's real. Who the hell is living la vida loca so damn good that they gotta get all ratchet on teevee? Seriously, I'm entertained...but I feel you though. It's always that one black woman that's the loudest, the most crazy and always trying to do someone's man.

Great article as always!