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Monday, June 15, 2015

Dear ESPN: She is his wife! Respect that, jerks!

I have a special place in my heart for Stephen Curry and his family. See, I grew up watching his dad, Dell Curry, drop threes for the original Charlotte Hornets. I have a Dell Curry trading card. He was a member of the Hive Five. He was the man.

So, I've watched Stephen Curry grow up and take Davidson College on a Cinderella ride in the NCAA tournament. He's the kind of player that you want young kids to look up to, a family man, a classic man and who doesn't love his twin, little Riley Curry. 

And he's out here kicking LeBron James's ass. 

Ayesha Curry is Stephen's wife. The mother of his children, as she's expecting right now. She's been married to him for four years. They've been together for seven. 
A baby mama she is not. 

I don't hear ESPN calling white women baby mamas. Let's not pretend this wasn't a racial thing. Folks love saying that black women overreact to the way we are portrayed in the media. Well, damnit, we have a reason to! Everyone wants to paint sisters with the same damn stereotypical brush. I am sick of it. 
SportsCenter host John Buccigross, dude, you are not Stuart Scott, stop trying to live off his memory. You aren't funny and wives are not baby mamas. I'm sorry that your limited interaction with black folks hasn't allowed you to see families. You know, mom and dad are married. They're provided a stable home for the kids. 

Now, Tom Brady has a baby mama. But no one ever talks about that. I guess Stephen Curry is the black athlete that the media can't stand. He doesn't have drama, scandal or a bunch of baby mamas. He has a wife, a daughter who he loves and a baby on the way WITH HIS WIFE! 

I guess I'm expected too much from ESPN, a station where a talking pinhead can say a woman provkes domestic violence and nothing happens, but as soon as one white woman gets offended by something he said, then he's off the air. 
I'm glad I got rid of cable. 


Deborah Mello said...

Well said! The disrespect just grates my damn nerves!

beverly said...

Sic em!!

Kiera Northington said...

You tell 'em sis! Highly disrespectful!

Mary Goodman said...

You tell're

Barbara Saunders said...

They try to use "lingo" they no nothing about. So, happy they won. They were even hating on Riley!! Take that!!