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Friday, September 25, 2015

#IHeardARumor Friday teaser

Friday teaser:
 Zach was happy to see sports on the television above the bar as he sipped his whiskey. He had to stop drinking because he was supposed to be relaxing. Still, the news report about his ex got under his skin. Would someone who mattered in Charleston see the national reports and put two and two together when he started to do business? 
 Forget about it. You haven’t even found an opportunity yet, he thought as he waved for the bartender. 
 “Yes, sir?” the perky blond asked with a smile. 
 “I think I need some food to go along with this drink. What would a pretty lady like you suggest?” Zach smiled and she leaned forward. 
 “You can never go wrong with shrimp and grits,” she said with a smile. 
 “Then I’d like an order of shrimp and grits.” 
 “All right, sugar, I’ll put that in for you. Want another Crown?” 
 He shook his head and handed her a twenty-dollar bill. “Thank you for your suggestion.”
 “My pleasure.” 
 Zach turned his back to the bar as she walked away and glanced at the door. When he saw her walk in, he had to check his mouth for drool. Maybe it was the way her long dress hugged her curves or it was she her shoulders. She had the gait of a queen and that was just as attractive as her curly honey brown hair. Southern girl, he thought as she headed toward the bar. The restaurant was packed, which made he hope that she was going to sit at the bar. And she did. Only it wasn’t as close to him as he’d wanted. But he was able to drink in the brown skin woman’s beauty. As he watched her lips while she talked to the bartender, Zach tried to remember the last time he’d made love to a woman. Looking at this woman made him want to change that right now. 
 Granted, after all of the drama with Natalie, Zach had taken a vow of chastity — in New York. But this wasn’t New York and the game had changed. 
 She glanced his way and — did she just roll her eyes at him? So much for Southern hospitality, he thought never taking his eyes off her pretty toes. He was a man with a minor foot fetish and she had the feet of a goddess. That pink polish on her toes reminded him of strawberries. 
 “Excuse me,” she said, her voice sounding melodic. “Will you please find something else to focus on?”
 “You’ve been sitting here staring at me as if you’ve never see a woman or you were just released from prison.”

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