Oscar boycott. . .Been doing that for years

Jada Pinkett Smith and Spike Lee are calling for a black out of the Oscars. If you're a Twitter user, you're familiar with the #Oscarssowhite hashtag.

Once again, no people of color have been nominated for an Academy Award.

Spike Lee and Jada Pinkett Smith injected some new drama into next month's Academy Awards, announcing that they both would be boycotting the ceremony over the lack of diversity among the nominees.
The "Chi-Raq" director took the occasion of Martin Luther King's birthday to slam the movie industry and reveal that he and his wife, Tonya, would not be attending on the most important night in the industry.
"We Cannot Support It And Mean No Disrespect To My Friends, Host Chris Rock and Producer Reggie Hudlin, President Isaacs And The Academy," the Brooklyn-based director wrote on his Instagram page Monday, name-checking a pair of black industry insiders involved in the telecast.

Pinkett Smith made a video that has been circulation on social media about the lack of diversity in the nominations. Even Mainstream media, like The Washington Post, pointed out black actors who gave Oscar worthy performances:

Michael B. Jordan, “Creed”: What a wonder Michael B. Jordan is, and how marvelous it is that he and director Ryan Coogler have found each other. I adored the work they did together in “Fruitvale Station,” and it was wonderful to see them again here. Jordan plays Adonis Johnson, the illegitimate and abandoned son of Apollo Creed (Carl Weathers), the longtime rival and friend of Rocky Balboa (Sylvester Stallone), who is retired and running a little Italian joint in Philadelphia. Jordan brings tremendous physicality and joy; Adonis’s journey to boxing stardom is credible, and Coogler wisely doesn’t strain credibility, letting his character lose the final fight but perform credibly. But even more than that, Jordan excels at bringing out Adonis’s extreme emotional vulnerability and his craving to prove he’s worthy of love.
But, some people are questioning her motives. And by some people I mean actress Janet Hubert, AKA, the first Aunt Viv from The Fresh Prince of Bel Air.

She posted this on her Facebook Page about Jada Pickett Smith's video:
Is this only because her hubby did not get a nod? Political awareness for selfish reasons gets on my nerves. We don't watch the Oscars as a general rule anyway. Smith has never worked with a black director, nor does he ever have dark skinned black women as co-stars in general. His performance was in my opinion lightweight. His accent was all over the place. Feel blessed that they included you in a list of incredible actors who, many have not ever won either. They have made millions smoozing with the very people they now want to boycott because Will wants that little statue so badly. Let your man speak for himself, instead of asking other actors who won't get work if they follow your bullshit lead. A good cry does not begat an Oscar. 
 Personally, I haven't watched the Oscars since Denzel was robbed of the best actor for his portrayal of Malcolm X in Spike Lee's Malcolm X. 
What do you think? Is a boycott of the Oscars needed or nah?


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