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Thursday, January 14, 2016

The end, how many times have I rewritten the ending to this story?

The beginning and the end. Those are probably the hardest parts of writing.

You have to hook the reader in the beginning.
You have to satisfy them at the end.

But I'm at the point in my current work in progress where I want to drop a bomb on the hero and the heroine.

I tortured them really badly. #SorrynotSorry
Why? Because I've put them through hell. I've done everything to them that makes sense in this story line. And y'all know how I like to torture my characters.  I've written the ending to this story three times. Once in my head. Once in a notebook that I can not find and the third time on my iPad.

I don't like any of the endings —except for the one I wrote in my head that I can't remember.
But, I'm pressing on. Today by seven p.m., the book will be done. Or I'm not going to drink Starbucks for a week. Talk about motivation.

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