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Monday, April 4, 2016

Bounce Back by KM Jackson! New release today!

 Hi Cheris and friends! Thank you so much for inviting me on your blog today and hooray it’s the release day for BOUNCE BACK!
I’m so thrilled to finally be back in the BOUNCE world and the not so sleepy fictional town of Edgewater, New York and peeking in once again on the lives of Sabrina and Sean Jacobs.
Over the past year many readers have asked me what’s been going on with Sabrina and Sean Jacobs and their sexy but often tumultuous marriage. Well I’m happy to say that the love between them is still going strong, but of course life being what it is there is always a curveball around the corner. And this time it comes in the form of Sabrina’s neighbor and nemesis, Cassandra Stanton.

Here is bit about  BOUNCE BACK

Because sometimes more than love is on the line…
Book 2 in the Loving On The Edge Series

All Sabrina Jacobs wants to do is focus on building her new life, and that starts with rebuilding her marriage. Her husband has moved back into their home and thankfully, exclusively into her bed, she’s making a name for herself with her home based finance business and she’s even starting to master the suburban mommy mafia game. Too bad she didn’t factor in being assigned as co-chair in charge of the annual Cougar and Cubs gala with her town nemesis. As busy as Sabrina is, she definitely doesn’t have time to deal with the likes of one Cassandra Stanton.
Currently a Cougar in waiting, Cassandra Stanton is well on track to being Edgewater town royalty, that is, if she can keep it together and pull off the fundraiser of the year. Too bad she’s saddled with co-chairing the event with the chronically clueless Sabrina Jacobs. Not to mention the fact that her husband, Richard, has chosen now to have his most inconvenient, can’t keep it in his pants, mid-life crisis. Cassandra just doesn’t have the time to deal with coddling him and pulling off the party of the year. But maybe the town’s new contractor can give her the tools she needs to work out all her problems and rebuild her life, only this time on her terms.

Can these two unlikely allies come together for a cause and give the Cougars of Edgewater a night they won’t soon forget, all the while gaining control of the chaos their own lives have become? 

I guess when done correctly, quickie parental sex can be quite the thrill. I mean, I know for some, getting freaky midday on beautiful pre-spring Friday afternoon while on top of a vibrating washing machine, mid-spin no less, is the height of a good time, but for me it was just not doing it.
Really, Doctor Love, this is your idea of homework?
I inwardly shrugged. Well, we were home and it sure as hell felt like work, so at least our marriage counselor got it right with the tag.
I shifted my body to the left while crooking my right leg tighter around my husband Sean’s lean hips. Even with taking some yoga classes, this was no easy feat. I let out an unintentional sigh and Sean immediately noticed—he’s like that, since our past year of ups, downs, outs, therapy and back ups…literally, Sean seemed to notice my every inflection.
Could it be he was now noticing a little too much? I told myself no. That I was just being nitpicky and looking for problems where there were none. At least that’s probably what my sister, Jan, and most probably our therapist, Dr. Love, would say. With my mind wandering in that direction while Sean was expertly massaging my left breast and nipple, I was starting to think they might be right.
But Sean just looked into my eyes and smiled. Smiled with an expression of infinite patience, and dammit if it didn’t prick at me a little bit. “You’re hating this, aren’t you?” he asked.
I pushed up against him and purposefully lost myself for a moment in his beautiful light hazel eyes. “‘Hate’ is a ridiculous word when my legs are wrapped around your fine waist, Mr. Jacobs.” I smiled, trying to bring light to the situation, then I looked around our laundry room. “This isn’t so bad. If memory serves, we’ve made love in plenty of worse spots. But I won’t talk about that. I’m a respectable married woman now and a pillar of the community.”
Sean laughed and his still-tight abs rippled in response. Oddly though, his shirtlessness reminded me of the next load of colored clothes that needed to go in the wash after the one vibrating under my ass was done. My mommy brain does its thing. Let’s see, I have that load plus two client calls to make before it’s time to pick up the kids at school. Then if timing and traffic work, pick up the dry cleaning on the way back home.

I probably should’ve told Sean to go and take a shower after his run and gone about my usual work, but when he caught me in the laundry room, coming in all sweaty and sexy from his run on his day off, reminding me that we had all of two hours alone before it was time to collect the kids and we still had Dr. Love’s homework to get to before our session, well hell, it was time to multi-task. That and the fact that once he rubbed up against me and kissed my neck on that spot he knows I like so much, he turned my inhibitions to a puddle of goo. I was all in. Besides, when I was still down on two feet, it didn’t feel like homework at all.


Kwana said...

Thank you so much for hosting me today!

Cheris Hodges said...

You're welcome!