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Saturday, April 23, 2016

When the music died: 4/21/2016

All I wanted for Christmas that year was the Purple Rain Soundtrack and a Barbie doll. Every morning as we woke up to get ready for school, Z-103 played Let's Go Crazy.

Growing up in Bennettsville, SC, concerts never came close enough for me to go see Prince when I was a kid. But I heard his music every day. And then we got cable! I saw his videos. When Doves Cry made me cry. Christmas came and I was happier to see my little cassette tape than Barbie.
I was seven years old when I fell in love with Prince. I wanted to and still want to dress like Prince, rock boots like Prince. But I knew I'd never play or sing like Prince. Nobody would. Prince was always cool. Besides my Daddy, Prince is the only man I will punch you in the face over.

When I made my first online purchase, it was Prince's New Power Soul CD. And it didn't stop there. In college, I bought everything that said Prince. Work study check came in and I headed to Willie's Records off Freedom Drive and headed for the Prince section.
I won a Prince CD from a local radio station. When the DJ asked me what was my favorite Prince song, I had to stop myself from saying Irresistible Bitch on the air.
I've watched Under The Cherry Moon about 90 times. And if I'm not wearing pink or green, I got on something purple.
I bought this hat because it reminded me
of the one Prince wore in the Mountains video
I even had purple hair once. Prince created the soundtrack of my life. Heartbreak, love, sex and spirituality.

Then in 2011, Prince came to Charlotte.

I knew I was going the minute the concert was announced. I sat at my desk and waited for the icon on Live Nation to go live. I'd already decided what I was going to wear and of course it was going to be purple.
What a time it was to see my love on stage sing Shh. . . to me. And yes, he was singing to me, damn it.

So, 4-21-16 came. Day off. Met my best friend for lunch. The news of Prince's death hit me like a ton of bricks.
Not my boo. Not my muse. Not the soundtrack of writing. Not the artist who got me through so many sad times, happy times and yes — horny nights.

No more Dance. Music. Sex. Romance.

Prince was more than an entertainer to me. Prince is an icon who transcends music. He taught us business. Taught us that we should own our rights to our stuff. We're the creators of the art and we need to hold our masters.

Did I cry? Sure did. But then I let the music play.
There will never be another Prince Rogers Nelson, but I was here see, hear and feel the music of this genius.

Rest in Purple Paradise Prince. See you on the other side.