My love life is melancholy as hell . . .has been for a while. . .

When I write love stories, people always ask if it's based on things that I've gone through.
Let me stop laughing. We all know that romance novels have a feel good happily ever after. Cheris Hodges relationships Do. Not.
I thought this was something that had just happened, but I found an old mix-tape/CD I made in the late 90s after a break up with some dude.
The songs include, A Dream by DeBarge, Kiss the Pain Away by Patti LaBelle, There's Never Be a Better Love by Switch, I Don't Ever Want To See You Again by Uncle Sam (remember him?). And I wasn't even drinking back then.

What's funny is when my love life is in a drought, like right now, I get so inspired to write about "Prince Charming."

I remember when I thought I met Prince Charming in 2006. But he ended up cheating on me with a chick who looks like Ursula the Sea Witch from the Little Mermaid. I made a CD that reminded me of him. I thought I'd lost it (or smashed it to bits like I did the Playstation he'd given me) but it was in with my other old disc. I popped it in and listened to the sappy songs I'd play every time he came over. Well, not sappy, but sexy. Heavy on the Prince, International Lover, Scandalous, Insatiable, Do Me, Baby. I can't believe I actually used my good Prince on that jackass, but I digress.

I believe I wrote my least favorite book while I was "so in love" with Dookie head. But after we broke up, my muse was on fire. And Alicia Keys's Girl On Fire became my theme song.

And let's not talk about the number of times I had to talk myself out of setting his house on fire! My mantra was, Orange is not the new black for you.

So, I killed him in a book, or thought about it. I believe the scene was cut because it didn't add to the story. Sometimes, you have to let the petty go for the sake of the plot.
New rule, though, if I decide to date again — I. Am. Only. Dating. For. Content! I've kind of had it up to here with this new generation of singles.
And as much as I love watching Snapped, I don't need my own episode.


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