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Sunday, March 21, 2010

Bob Johnson, you ass!

Waking up Sunday morning, I logged on to my computer to check out the morning's headlines with a cup of strong coffee.
I nearly choked on my java when I read the headline on the Charlotte Observer's web site.
Ex-Bobcats owner blasts Charlotte.
Days after selling the Charlotte Bobcats, Bob Johnson called Charlotte's business community "arrogant" and "incestuous" and said the city doesn't do enough for existing and potential minority-owned business.
While there is truth to Johnson's statement, he has the market cornered on arrogance. First of all, Charlotte is a small city and people like to support local businesses. They also want the owners of said businesses to have a connection with the city.
When Bob owned the Bobcats, he was rarely seen in town. He spent his time in DC. Maybe he should've purchased the Wizards. The teams that Johnson put on the floor during his ownership were horrible. Charlotte isn't a city that supports losers. Sorry, Bob.
You ran the team cheaply and expected people to spend their hard earned money to see a laughing stock? No freaking way.

Keep in mind, by the time the Bobcats came to Charlotte, people were mad. We'd lost the Hornets because the city's residents hadn't wanted to pay for an Uptown (downtown for anyone not familiar with Charlotte) arena. City Council shoved it down our throats and taxpayers are still pissed.
Is Charlotte minority business friendly?
Not really, but neither is Johnson. Are we supposed to forget how he dissed then Senator Barack Obama as he ran for president? Now, you want to play the black card? Excuse my French, but Nigga please.

Johnson has criticized Charlotte's business community before. Two years ago, in an interview with the Observer, he said Charlotte's business community wasn't doing enough to support the expansion team.
"I am absolutely concerned," Johnson told the Observer in April 2008. "I am doing everything I can to make this team work, including writing a lot of checks."
This is starting to sound like sour grapes. Here's the thing, Bobby, you can't run every business like BET and expect it to succeed. And you can't expect a city to support you when you didn't do a damned thing to support it.
I clearly remember Johnson being the graduation speaker at Johnson C. Smith University a few years back. He spoke and dipped without donating a dime to the school. That same weekend, his ex wife, Sheila, spoke at Bennett College. She gave that school a $1 million donation. Talk about minority support.
Here's hope that the Bobcats will fare better under the Michael Jordan regime, but if you like basketball you will go to the games, if not then you will stay home.
Either way, Bob Johnson is just mad that Charlotte, North Carolina didn't kiss his ass. Goodbye and don't let the doorknob hit you on your way out.

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