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Monday, March 22, 2010

What's wrong with the world today?

Latia Winchester didn't have to die.
The 25-year-old daycare worker from Charlotte was killed instantly Saturday night after the N.C. Highway Patrol decided to chase someone who didn't want to go through a checkpoint in North Charlotte.
Here's what happened according to the Charlotte Observer:
But shortly after 10:15 p.m. Saturday, passing through the intersection at North Davidson Street and Parkwood Avenue, Winchester's maroon Chevrolet Impala was broadsided by a car being chased by an N.C. Highway Patrol cruiser, authorities said.
Winchester, 25, died immediately. Witnesses said she wasn't wearing a seat belt and apparently was thrown from her car, which slammed into the side of a house at 1617 North Davidson.
The chase began after a silver Cadillac driven by Eddie Bernard Ellison, 41, had stopped, U-turned and sped away from a routine highway patrol checkpoint at 30th Street and The Plaza, patrol spokesman Sgt. J.E. Brewer said Sunday.
The Highway Patrol said the chase lasted 30 seconds.
30 seconds.
A life gone.
Because of a suspended license?
It's easy to blame Ellison. The man shouldn't have been driving, however, what was the purpose of the chase.
30 seconds. Miss Tia is gone.
30 seconds. Miss Tia will never have the children she wanted.
30 seconds. Miss Tia's family will never be the same.
And why?
Charlotte Mecklenburg Police, The NC Highway Patrol and other law enforcement agencies play fast and loose with the rules of the road and innocent people keep dying. But no one in a blue uniform is ever charged.
North Carolina needs a uniformed chase policy that all 100 counties follow. If a person didn't just commit murder, has a weapon or is causing some sort of danger; why chase?
How many more Miss Tia's do we have to lose before someone wakes up?

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