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Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Sorry, Mike Baisden sexism is not funny

By now you've heard about Natalie Randolph
Kudos, sister! I'm proud of her and her team hasn't even played one down of football yet.
But today as I was driving and listening to the Michael Baisden show, I was disgusted as he and co-host George Wilborn implied that Ms. Randolph wasn't up for the job. Was this supposed to be a joke? If so, it isn't funny.
George and Michael are in the middle of this one million mentors drive, which I would've lauded if not for today's exchange.
I don't want either of these sexist men mentoring my son or daughter.
Is your message to little girls that you have to have a woman's job? (Which they talked about and even questioned if a woman can be a program director for radio.)
If I have a daughter who wants to coach football, will you and your mentors discourage her?

Every week, Baisden does a battle of the sexes. I guess it's supposed to be a fun part of his show. But why in the hell does he keep pitting men and women against each other.
Then he has the gall to expect Ms. Randolph to call in to his show? WTF! If she listens to his nonsense, she'd be smart not to call in. Who wants to listen to some bitter man try and berate her about a job that she hasn't even started yet?
For whatever reason, women love Michael Baisden's show. I don't and I'm starting my own movement -- away from the station that carries him.


ChellyChele said...
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Kim said...

OMG.. I thought I was the only one that felt that way, especially when my Mom said, I love Michael Baisden".
I can't listen or watch his show for even a milli-second. He comes off as arrogant and his misogynistic view about women and his platform that constantly pit men/women like it's a sport. If I had a choice to lose my hearing or listen to him the choice would not be hard.

ChellyChele said...

Sexism is what Michael Baisden uses as a staple for his show. It is the meat, potatoes, as well as icing on his limited cake. That's all he does. He is an arrogant man. He thinks George Wilburn adds humor to his ignorance via "hahaha" makes it ok. I do not like his show and refuse to listen.