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Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Cautiously excited about a Best Man sequel

When I tell you that 1999's The Best Man is one of my favorite movies ever, I'm not lying. Who had a melt down last year when they left the DVD at their mother's house? That would be me. Did I just wait and get it the next time I went to visit? No. I bought another copy of the DVD because I had to see it.
So, when I saw pictures of the cast reuniting and everyone looking so good and happy, I got excited. I watched the movie--yet again.

This movie was smart, it was funny and it was about an author, which my account for why I love it so damn much. Not one character in the movie was a cliche or stereotype. It's so far to the left of today's black cinema that I'm afraid to see a sequel. But, they say one is coming.
Universal Pictures has officially signed on to be the studio home of Best Man 2Deadline Hollywood reports the original director, Malcolm Lee, will return to the helm.  And he's working on locking down the original YBF cast featuring Taye Diggs, Sanaa Lathan, Monica Moore, Nia Long, Terrence Howard, Morris Chestnut, and plenty more:
Universal has set Malcolm D. Lee to write, direct and produce Best Man 2, a sequel to the 1999 film. Lee wrote and directed the original, a comedy in which a writer (Taye Diggs) is preparing to be the best man for his football player buddy (Morris Chestnut), but the timing is bad because the writer’s autobiographical novel is about to pop and it describes how the best man bedded the bride. Terrence Howard, Harold Perrineau, Nia Long and Sanaa Lathan also starred. The original grossed $35 million. Lee’s plan is to ask the original cast to reprise; in fact, I’m told the whole idea came out of a reunion dinner he held with most of the cast members, and they sparked to the idea of a re-team and so did the studio.
I'm usually no fan of sequels...especially to movies I deem classic.  But this right here already gets a thumbs up from me.  Woot!
Now, what should be the focus of the sequel?  Did Lance & Mia have a baby and now they have groupie issues?  Will Mia be on a "Football Wives" type show and it breaks up their marriage?  Did Harper let Jordan come between him and Robin and we'll see a whole situation unfold on the big screen?  Your thoughts?

Oh my goodness, Malcolm D. Lee, let me have a Ru Paul moment with you. Don't f*ck it up! We loved all of the characters, flaws and all. So, don't turn Lance into a cheater. He said he'd given that up. Jordan, the career woman who had a big crush on Harper, don't make her a home wrecker. It's hard to catch lightening in the bottle twice, so I am excited, but cautiously excited.


bettye griffin said...

Good points, Cheris! Maybe you should write the script...or at least advise Malcolm on it!

CherisH said...

I would love to do that. The Best Man is one of my favorite movies.