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Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Six questions with. . .Romance author/football fan Farrah Rochon

Farrah Rochon writes love stories that are exciting, sexy and impossible to put down. Farrah lives in a small town west of New Orleans, which means she is a die-hard Saints fan. Despite the fact that she hates my beloved Cowboys, she is one amazing writer and person. Her New York Sabers romance series combines hot football players, love and sensuality. What more can a reader ask for?

1.      Your latest novel, Field of Pleasure, deals with a kind of no-no in
professional football. Why did you decide to go this route with this

Actually, Field of Pleasure , deals with a couple of no-no’s. First, I took
a bit of a risk by having my hero get mixed up with someone affiliated
with the team’s dance/cheerleading squad. There’s a no-fraternization rule
when it comes to such things. Jared Dawson, the hero in Field of Pleasure,
also has dealt with a gambling problem. He was actually caught gambling on
NFL games, which would lead to automatic expulsion from the league in
“real life.” However, I think giving Jared these real life issues upped
the stakes in the book and added to the story’s authenticity. Because even
though both are definitely no-no’s, we all know that both do take place in
the NFL. I don’t know, I guess I just like pushing the envelope a bit.

2. What prompted you to combine football and romance?

It’s simple, I just freaking love football! I am not just a casual fan;
I’m the watch-at-least-twenty-hours-
of-football-on-the-weekend fan. High
school, college, and professional football; I love it all. Writing a
romance series that centered around football was as natural as anything
I’ve ever done.

3. The New York Sabers are a team to watch. Why did decide put the team in
New York? (And give us the order of this hot series!)

The old saying is that you should write what you know. I’m from the New
Orleans area, and I know it better than any other city, but football is
practically a religion here. As silly as it may sound, I thought it a bit
sacrilegious to create a fictional team from the New Orleans area. You
just don’t compete with the Saints. I decided on New York because it is
one of my very favorite places to visit. It’s such a rich, vibrant city,
and because there are so many things to do, it gives me ample settings for
different scenes. Because, let’s face it, the books cannot be entirely
about football, as much as I may want them to be.

The order for my Sabers is as follows:

Huddle With Me Tonight
I’ll Catch You
Field of Pleasure
Pleasure Rush
(coming in April 2012)

 4. Romance authors have been taking a lot of criticism lately, what are
your thoughts of some of the articles that accuse us of ruining women and
their marriages?

I think some people (namely, the writers of those articles) have too much
time on their hands. Harlequin was publishing romance novels during the
“golden age,” back in the 50s when marriages were supposedly perfect. If
those marriages were not ruined by the Harlequin romance tucked underneath
the wife’s pillow, why should anyone believe that romance novels are
ruining marriages today? I think it’s total BS.

5. What's next on the horizon for you? In other words, when is the next
Sabers book coming? LOL!

Next up is the book that just about all of my readers have been waiting
for, Theo and Deidre’s story. Pleasure Rush, book #4 in the Sabers series,
will be released in April of next year. After that, I am taking a slight
detour from the Sabers--okay, it’s a pretty big detour. I’ve written a
three-book series set in a small, fictional Louisiana town. I am so
excited about this series. These books are as close to the “books of my
heart” as just about any other book has ever been.

I am planning to return to the Sabers after my Gauthier, Louisiana series
is complete. Many readers have already met the couple that will be
featured in Sabers book #5, Randall Robinson and Liani Dixon.

6. How can readers get in contact with you?

I’m everywhere on the web. Readers can always find me on my website at They can also find me on Twitter at and on Facebook at


lyfewithnik said...

A new series set in Louisiana I can't wait ..... & April for the nxt sabers story Booo :) why do we have to wait soo long

Farrah Rochon said...

If it were up to me I'd have a new book out every three months, Nechelle! Well...make that four or five months. :) Thanks for stopping by!

sonia diana said...

i never knew! new orleanians and souther louisiananians support each other! i am going to the book store tomorrow and i am buying a book! thanks cheris and thanks farrah!