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Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Oh, she's not black enough for us to care about?

Some people aren't going to like this. I may lose a few friends -- oh well.
The Olympics are finally over and I'm so happy. Do you know what I've learned from the 2012 games? It's hard to be a light skinned black woman.
Lolo Jones, this is for you.

We treated Lolo like crap.

And when I say we, I mean the media, Twitter, Facebook, bloggers and the like. We gave her shit because she's a 30-year-old virgin, because she admitted having a crush on Tim Tebow and because she talks publically about God.

Dude from the New York Times talked about her looks and how she's like the Anna Kournikova of track. Yo, Jere Longman, I dare you to challenge Lolo to a race.

Now, we showed Gabby Douglas much love after people started talking about her hair. That was the right thing to do, though. But Lolo?

We mocked her. Even her teammates got pissy about the attention that Lolo received --even though it was negative attention.

Colorism is an evil animal in the black community. We mostly look at how dark brown women are treated and portrayed, while making lighter skinned women feel guilty for the color of their skin. Unless you're bleaching yourself to become lighter, you can't help what color you are.
And if Lolo Jones had been a dark skinned black woman and Longman said those things about her, the black blogosphere would still be calling for his head. It's like the faux controversy about Eric Benet's Redbone Girl song. Where was the anger when he sang about Chocolate Legs?
When are we going to learn that when others look at us, they don't see light or dark, they see black. It's time to unite, past time.


"Myra" said...

Thank you, thank you thank you...Me husband and I sat for hours talking about the ignorance in our black community. I really feel if we had more people with positive thinking or mind set , our race would be stronger and more powerful, but we can only accomplish that with unity. Awesome Blog

Kuronga Ronga LIFE said...

well said:) my senior thesis was about colorism in advertising. this is a topic that needs awareness and eventually move past.