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Friday, August 3, 2012

Things that just . . .

This firestorm about golden Gabby Douglas's hair just won't die down. Social media is lit up with comments about it. There are pictures of a beaming Gabby with words telling her haters that she's been to busy winning the gold to care about their crass comments.

I pulled up a Yahoo! News story, which I won't link to because I think it is VERY STUPID, and looked at these negative comments about Gabby's hair. The comments were pulled from Twitter, and there are three of them. The offending tweets are written by women who are 1. Very young--in age and mentally. 2. Post pictures like this:
3. And have an overly inflated ideal of themselves. I mean, one of these girls posted her eyebrows. Who really cares?

But again, it was three tweets. Three tweets that turned in to national news. Why can't Gabby just have her moment in the golden sun without the media looking for some water to throw on her?

Three Tweets. And don't get me started on Kevin Hart.

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