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Thursday, August 2, 2012

We can be so petty

Sixteen year old Gabby Douglas won a gold medal in the London Olympics.
She's the first African American to ever, EVER, win gold in the all around gymnastics. And you petty people are talking about her hair?
And when I say YOU PEOPLE, I'm looking at the media. The Huffington Post: I really thought you all were more progressive than this. I guess your progression stops at the African American hairline.
The New York Times points out how people weren't happy for Gabby. It kind of only matters that her mother, her beautiful mother, was over the moon proud of her child.
And at the end of the day -- this is all that matters:
Douglas, a 16-year-old who left her Virginia Beach, Va., home and her family when she was 14 so she could train and learn better gymnastics in Iowa, won the Olympic gold medal Thursday at the North Greenwich Arena. She led from start to finish, scoring 62.232 and leaving a pair of Russians, Victoria Komova and Aliya Mustafina, as disconsolate silver and bronze medalists.
Leave that child alone. After all, she's not pointing out your lack of muscle tone!
At least Beyonce has class (AND CAN'T EVEN BELIEVE I JUST TYPED THAT).
The world is very proud of Gabby Douglas.
While receiving praise from many for winning the gold medal in the All-Around Women's final, this U.S. gymnast is now in the same circle as Michelle Obama, Frank Ocean and Blue Ivy after being highlighted on BeyoncĂ©'s blog.
Learn more about Gabby!
The superstar singer posted, "A huge congratulations to 16 year old Olympic Gold Medalist Gabby Douglas - WOW - what a thrill to watch you take this Gold!  - enjoy this moment, its yours. Thank you for inspiring all of us! Love, B"
How awesome is that?!
Gabby's A-list fanbase also includes Oprah Winfrey, Lady Gaga, Pink, Justin Bieber and the man, himself—President Barack Obama.
"WOW such an AMAZING experience! Thank you all for your support, love and prayers love you all!!! #oncloud9," she tweeted.


Jana said...

Incredible isn't it? But it's not just HuffPost. Quite a few of our own (nobody nameworthy) said the same! I loved your comment about the muscle tone lolol.

I shared a pic on FB that said "Excuse me for not answering your comments. While you were trolling about my hair, I was practicing to win the Gold at 16."

Cheris Hodges said...

I couldn't keep reading the hateful ignorance. But for so-called Media to jump on this, I'm appalled.