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Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Meet Nila Brown, author of The Cold Darkness of Night

You know someone is a good story teller when you follow them around the Internet hoping today is the day she tells a story about her crazy coworker. That's how I was introduced to new author, Nila N. Brown, many years ago.

Today, she's released her first novel, The Cold Darkness of Night.

 Allow me to introduce you to Nila N.Brown.

1.       Congratulation on your first novel. When did you decided you wanted to be a writer?

I was an avid reader growing up. When other kids were out playing, I’d rather curl up with a good book.  I recall reading the Encyclopedia Britannica when I was 11 but the writing bug didn’t hit me until high school, when I wrote a play called “High School Beat” during the rash of break dancing movies. I chuckle when I think back on it because it wasn’t very good and never went past the development stage. Then I joined the school newspaper, writing several articles, and then I wrote a short story for the upcoming Halloween edition.  It was universally panned as atrocious and I became discouraged.  After my father passed a few years later, real life called and I never picked up a pen in that capacity again. 

I rediscovered writing in 2007 when I discovered Inuyasha fan fiction.  I read a story that I enjoyed very much, but then I read one that was horrible.  The writer sort of had an attitude and told the readers, “if you don’t like it, write your own story!”  I thought that was a great idea so I wrote my very first fan fiction story called, “The 800 Year Old Virgin.”  I was inspired by a writer named Trouble_In_Shangri-La to write for an alternate pairing in the Inu fandom and I never looked back.  My writings allowed me explore my fantasy, the paranormal and action adventure and I write in all of these genres, as well as let me explore my Trek geekiness.  “800YOV” was still not grammatically fabulous but it was better than my earliest writings but I was inspired.  The greatest things I learned from it were character development, editing and storytelling so that I’m able to take my readers on an adventure as if they're living it right next to me.  I wrote what was considered Alternate Universe stories, which is defined as using the characters of the manga but creating a new storyline and world different from the manga.  Because of this, my stories can be stand alone from fan fiction and with encouragement from others, I decided to leave fan fiction and try my luck at non-fiction writing.  I feel like I’ve come full circle.

2.       Tell the readers what your book is about.

My current short story, The Cold Darkness of Night, centers on Takeru Okada, a self-absorbed demon businessman who is on his way to Tokyo Airport during a very dangerous blizzard.  He decides to take a shortcut, which leads to a horrific accident.  Blinded by the shattered glass and body broken by the impact of the crash, he finds himself near death and suffering from hypothermia when a young woman and her half-demon charge discovers him and brings him to a safe place.  She nurses him back to health and along the way, Takeru finds himself attracted to her but his full blood demon pride nearly gets in the way of his progress, in part because he’s not used to having to depend on others to take care of him, and in part because he’s offended by a human and half-demon taking care of him.  Slowly, he finds himself attracted to his female caretaker and they become intimate.  When the weather breaks, she contacts his business associate who rescues him, but he discovers that she’s a priestess who seems to want nothing more to do with him and the resulting rage and depression sends him on a downward spiral that nearly destroys him. 

I want to make something clear to the readers about the types of demons that I write about.  These are not the “heaven versus hell” variety demons that you see in Christian theology.  The demons that I write about are the manifestation of animal spirits in humanoid form.  Some of my demons are evil, as you will learn with some of my future endeavors, but no more than any other man, woman or child.  They have telltale signs of their demon lineage, such as elfin ears, body/face paintings or markings, long nails/claws and different colored hair that reflects their heritage, while an elemental demon can take the form of earth, water, fire and air.  You do have former fan fiction writers who venture into the nonfiction world tend to change the fact that the characters are demons and make them all human.  I’m not going to do that – my demons are sensuous, enigmatic and filed with needs, desires and fiery passion.  I want you to see my world through my eyes and with it I hope to create an entirely new writing style geared towards them.

3.       Why did you decided to write this genre?

I was a Trekkie before it became popular to be called a Trekkie.  I would rather watch Dr. Who, Dark Shadows, Twilight Zone and Star Trek when I was younger than Saturday morning cartoons; not that I didn’t watch those as well, but I was fascinated by the worlds that writers like Jules Verne, Maurice Sendak, and JRR Tolkien created and was completely caught up in the intricate plot lines and storytelling.  I was initially nervous about writing in this genre because it takes a great deal of imagination to create an entire world that’s not only believable but holds the readers’ interest from the first sentence.    

4.       Where do you get your inspiration?

I find inspiration in everything around me.  A phrase, a sunflower, or the direction that the wind is blowing can ignite the spark in me and find their way into my writing, but my biggest inspiration comes from my daughter, Charlene.  My life has had the ups and downs that come with normal everyday living but it’s all a part of growing and learning. I want her to look at me and see that no matter where you are in life, it’s never too late to follow your dream. 

5.       How can reader purchase the book and follow you online?

The Cold Darkness of Night as well as my first short story, The Mirror’s Edge are currently located at:

Barnes and Noble’s Nook at

I can be followed on Twitter at, and on Facebook at 

My next endeavor, Serpentine Fire and Other Interludes for the Consummate Demon will be published by year’s end.  It’s a collection of stories that range from the very PG-rated to the sultry NC17.  I’m very excited about it and can’t wait to show you my range of characters and far away destinations.  I have an upcoming trilogy that’s currently being edited and I hope to have it published, either with a publishing house or I’ll self publish it.  The trilogy is called, “Kurai Utopia” and is set at the beginning of Japan’s history and by the mid 1800’s humans have nearly destroyed the demons from the face of the earth.  The survivors hide in caves and eventually in plain sight with the use of magic spell and spend the next two centuries learning human weakness and plotting their destruction.  By the mid 22nd Century, the demons eventually take over the earth and the colonized space, relegating humanity to third class citizenship.  The story picks up in the 25th century and Takeru Takumashii is the Demon Lord of the Western Japanese Protectorate.  He uncovers a plot to usurp his rule by the mainland Chinese demons, who are upset that he was appointed as their ruler.  He involves a waitress and sometimes go-go dancer at his half-brother’s demon club named Hikari to act as a spy and help him flush out his enemies.  I won’t speak further on the storyline but I actually had a really great time writing these characters and this fabulous world that they live in. 

My demons will exist across the spectrum of nonfiction. I even have a supernatural demonic western coming.

6.       What’s the most rewarding thing about being published?

It’s the satisfaction of knowing that I have a second chance to do something that eluded me so many years ago.  The possibility of a writing career is something that I would have never thought possible at this stage in my life.  I won’t let the fear of the unknown hold me back.  Being at the edge of this new precipice is a little scary but sometimes you have to take a deep breath and dive right in and I’m very humbled and grateful for this new opportunity, no matter where it takes me.  I invite everyone to take a chance on the new old kid and join me on an adventure as I show you a fantastical world of action, adventure, romance, suspense and excitement in the supernatural world of demons.


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