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Thursday, October 25, 2012

Victoria Christopher Murray gets Scandalous

Jasmine Cox Larson Bush is a character you love to hate or hate to love. Either way, author Victoria Christopher Murray created an iconic character that just can't get enough reading about. 
We first met Lady Jasmine in Temptation, released in 1997. Then her story continued in A Sin and A Shame, Too Little Too Late,  Lady Jasmine, Sins of the Mother, Sinners and Saints (co-written with ReShonda Tate Billingsley) and the soon to be released Friends and Foes (also written with Tate Billingsley).
Victoria Christopher Murray
Now, readers get a look at who Jasmine was before Temptation and salvation --sort of. . .
1.  Jasmine is back for the first time. Why did you decide to tell her back story?

I wrote this story a while ago.  It was just a short story and I was able to increase it to novella size (60,000 words.) I wrote it because I always wondered, 'Who in the heck is Jasmine?  Where did she come from?'  And it was so much fun to write this and find out.

2.       What will readers learn about Jasmine that they don’t already know?

Jasmine's past is far more scandalous than I ever realized.  What readers will really learn is why she's so hard core, why she doesn't back down.  And readers will also learn why Jasmine focuses on married men!  There's an app (I mean, reason) for that!

3.       You and ReShonda Tate Billingsley have a great series on your hands featuring Jasmine and Rachel. When is the next book coming out?

The next book is coming out at the end of February.  It's called Friends and Foes and it was as much fun to write as the first.  This time, Jasmine and Rachel have to work together to get out of BIG trouble.  Of course, Jasmine does her part, and helps out poor, little, not-so-bright Rachel.  I always have the time of my life writing with ReShonda!

4.       Is Scandalous only an e-book?

Yes, this is my first only e-book.  This is a test by my agent and publisher.  I may do other ebooks only if this does well.  I have quite a few shorter stories in my head and would love to write them.

5.       What has the response from readers been like to Jasmine’s scandalous past?

I don't think I ever had so many people say they couldn't put this book down.  I think readers really like this book because they already know Jasmine and it's fun to look into her life when she was in her early twenties.  It's fun to read about her before she was the First Lady, or had children, or met Hosea.  People love reading about her when she was just Jasmine....and she was, well, SCANDALOUS! :-)


Before she was First Lady Jasmine Cox Larson Bush, before she had children, before she met Hosea, Jasmine was....SCANDALOUS. This is the story of Jasmine before Temptation and how Jasmine became Jasmine.  In e-book format - $4.99

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