Waiting For The Other Shoe to Drop: Part 33

I started to rip the note up, then a few thoughts dashed through my mind. How did this tramp know where I worked or what I drove? This bitch is crazy and David is a lying fucker. I looked around my car to make sure my tires were OK and that my paint job didn’t have any scratches. Had that whore messed with my car, I would’ve been ready to trample her fat ass. No damage, but I wasn’t taking any chances as I called the lot security. While I waited for the officer, I called David. This bastard had some questions to answer. No more nice Mimi, he was going to meet the crazy chick I’d been trying to keep under wraps.
People say it takes two to ruin a relationship. God knows I’ve ruined my share. But I can officially, without a doubt, say I didn’t fuck this up. So, if this is my reward for growing and trying to be a better woman – then I want a do over.  I want to ruin this relationship. I want to accuse him of being a cheater. I want to start arguments for no reason. I want things to have been over earlier, so it wouldn’t hurt so much right now.
If only I had a bat, I thought as I hung up before David answered and the officer came over to me to take my report. Once I was finished telling him about my stalker, my phone rang. It was David.
“What’s up?” he asked. “Why did you hang up?”
“Your friend, big ass Michelle, left a note on my fucking car at my job. Now, I got several questions, but you need to tell me what the hell is going on with you and Porky.”
“First of all, you need to calm down.”
“Obviously, the bitch is stalking me. You’d better be clean on this and fix this bullshit. Fuck being calm.”
“Mimi, I’m going to call you back. No, just come over.”
I hung up the phone. Part of me wondered if I was going to regret not having that bat.


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