Book Page reviews Love After War

This morning, I logged on to Twitter and got my happy dance on when I saw a tweet from @BookPage. This monthly book review publication out of Nashville reviewed Love After War.

Here's what they said:

In a world of wealth and glamour, former lovers reunite in Love After War by Cheris Hodges. Two years after Dana Singleton’s boyfriend declared that things were over, she finds herself back in Los Angeles and face-to-face with Adrian Bryant—the very guy who broke her heart. A celebrity photographer based in New York City, Dana is on assignment on the West Coast to take publicity shots for a film studio. Running into her old flame wasn’t on her agenda, but there he is, a successful nightclub owner, still as handsome as ever. With one look at Dana, Adrian realizes his mistake. He immediately knows he wants her back, even though wooing the woman he still loves is a distraction from the goal he’s been pursuing since their breakup—revenge on the man he’s learned is his biological father, a hotel magnate who turned his back on Adrian and his mother. As Dana becomes aware of Adrian’s obsession, she realizes he’ll have to come to grips with his past before they can find a future. This story sizzles! 
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