Holidays and Deadlines

Somewhere, there is a writer burning stuffing but keeping a plot tight. Well, I'm not burning stuffing but I am trying to keep this plot tight. When you're a writer, holidays only mean time to writer. With my hated day job and this bootleg holiday schedule, I'm in danger of writing at the Thanksgiving table on Thursday, but not during the Cowboys game. Hey, I got priorities. But I digress.

Writing during the holidays will cause different reactions from family members. There's Uncle Joe and his,"girl,when are you going to write about me?"
Normally, Uncle Joe is way past his prime and his stories about how he met your auntie -- creepy! While you want to tell Uncle Joe to have several seats, he'll drop a nugget that more than likely will end up in your next book. This is why you always bring rum for Uncle Joe.

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Sometimes, I like to pretend I'm a blaxploitation heroine. 


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