Which is sweeter? The love or the revenge? Find out this Tuesday in Love After War

This girl right here is not living for the weekends, but living for Tuesday, Nov. 5, the official release date of Love After War.
I hope you will support my latest book. The story of Adrian Bryant and Dana Singleton was a great one to write. I had so much fun digging into the love story between these two. And can I tell you how close I am to getting a motorcycle. You'll understand when you read the book. 

I need you, dear readers, to stop me from signing up for Harley Davidson of Charlotte's rider's edge class. Y'all know if I get a motorcycle, it's going to be a hot time in the city. I think I'll just get a motorcycle jacket and matching boots. After all, you can't drink Starbucks and cruise the highway. :) 
This is my tenth year as a published author. I can't even believe I just typed that. I want to thank everyone who has ever picked up a Cheris Hodges book. I hope I can count on you to pick up Love After War this Tuesday. 
First week sales are critical. So, with the holidays right around the corner, consider books for gifts. They never expire, they are economical and if you purchase Love After War as a gift, I'll send you autograph labels. Just email me at cheris87@bellsouth.net with the name of the person I need to sign in the book. 
Remember, buy my book this Tuesday and help me spread the word! (On a side note, keep me off a motorcycle! Tell me all the reasons why I shouldn't do it in the comments below.)


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