Chatting with debut author Aja Graves

Some people are just meant to be writers. Aja Graves is one of those people. She attended Romance Slam Jam this year as a published author.
Her debut literary work is titled, Unexpected

Maya Taylor has been left stung by the arrow of love one too many times for her
liking. Swearing off heartache she decides that the staid and boring life is just fine for her. But a well-meaning friend points out that she isn’t really living at all and helps Maya embark on a journey with a new attitude. This leads to a chance encounter with a handsome gentleman that is all about living in the moment.

Roman Newsome has constantly been on the search for the perfect woman. She needs to look beautiful, have something to talk about other than herself and be able to keep up with his prowess in bed. But having found out that most women pretend to have it all only to reveal their true unappealing colors, he’s decided the perfect woman must not exist. Until he meets Maya. . .

Can these two fundamentally different people make their romance work? Will he settle his spirit long enough to realize that “perfect” really just means, perfect for him? And will Maya accept that she has to take a chance at love in order to truly live her life.

What happens between them may just be . . . unexpected.

 Aja spoke to me about her journey to being published.
Tell the readers about your debut novel.

Unexpected is a romance novella about a woman, Maya, kind of stuck in her heartache. Instead of living her life, she decides to hide from it until she meets Roman Newsome, a man all about living. Both of them learn a lot about love and forgiveness and ultimately about living.

   When did you know you were going to be a writer?

I have been a writer since I was old enough to string a sentence together; about four years old. But I knew I wanted to do it as a profession at six. That dream died in pursuit of college. It didn’t come back to me until about a year and a half ago.

   What did it feel like when you got published?

Exhilarating. Well actually, the most exhilarating part was completing a body of work for others to read. Publishing it was the icing.

  What's the best advice you've received about writing?

There are a couple bits of advice that have worked for me. To write every day and also to know how the story ends.
    What's next on the horizon for you?

I am currently working on a full length romance novel I Am Yours. It was actually in production when Maya in Unexpected started to bug me. I also have a collaborative project titled The Pursuit that I am working on with my writing partner, Roy Glenn.

     How can readers follow you online?
I can be friended on Facebook as Aja TheWriter and I can be followed on my blog:


Nila N. Brown said…
Great article and welcome, Aja! Thank you for sharing who you are and what you're about. I hope to see you become very big in the industry!

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