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Thursday, May 22, 2014

Join Brenda Jackson this Saturday in Columbia at Books A Million

Passion. Desire. Heroes with hearts of gold. Those are just a few descriptions of the amazing works by the prolific Brenda Jackson.
Brenda Jackson at the RT Conference in New Orleans.
Courtesy of Facebook

This Saturday -- May 24 -- Jackson will be signing copies of her new novel, A Man's Promise, at Books A Million located at 164 Forum Drive in Columbia. A thrilling way to spend Memorial Day weekend, if I do say so myself.
Jackson spoke with me about the Granger series, her favorite families, the Romantic Times Pioneer Romance award she received in New Orleans and the love she has for her readers.

"There were so many before me," she said of winning the award. "And I'm glad they acknowledged them. People like Rochelle Alers, Beverly Jenkins and Francis Ray were published before me." Jackson, Sandra Kitt and Beverly Jenkins were honored at the Romantic Times convention a week ago.
Jackson humbly thanks God for putting her in the position to blaze trails and open doors for so many black romance authors. She also credits her faith for helping her deal with the loss of her soul mate, Gerald Jackson Sr. who recently passed away. The Jacksons met when Brenda was 14 years old.
"I was with Gerald for 37 years," she remembered. "And when you truly love someone, you love them beyond death." Jackson said that even when they knew Gerald was going to pass away, they never said goodbye to each other. "I know in my heart that I will see him again."
She said that the heartfelt condolences that readers left her on social media really helped her get through tough days. "My husband always said that I would be all right because I have my family and my reader family."
Jackson said there will never be another like Gerald Jackson.
"He will be my only husband," Jackson said. And he's been an inspiration through out her writing career as well. In fact, Jackson said she wrote The Midnight Hour for her husband.
"My husband said I wrote kissy kissy, bed bed books. And said he would read one of my books when I put some action in it."
There is plenty of action in the Granger series, part romance and part murder mystery. Things got started last year A Brother's Honor. 
"The Granger brothers left behind their family's Virginia estate--and the bad memories it holds--years ago. But their dying grandfather's request brings them home: to a failing business, a legacy of secrets and a deathbed promise to make things right." As the eldest brother, attorney Jace Granger is determined to take responsibility for Granger Aeronautics, his family's failing business. But the years of mismanagement seem impossible to untangle. As CEO, he hires a consultant to turn the company around. Smart, sexy Shana Bradford is the right person for the job--and the right woman to turn Jace's world upside down. But the passion between them is jeopardized when old secrets begin to emerge. A woman from Jace's past suddenly reappears. And an explosive discovery changes everything Jace thinks he knows about his mother--and his father, who was convicted of her murder. Jace Granger tried to leave his family history behind once before. But this time he needs to face the past...or risk losing his future. "Three brothers. One legacy. A lifetime of secrets."
This summer, Jackson tells Caden Granger's story in A Man's Promise. 
The second book in the Granger trilogy.

A man's word is his bond. His family is his strength. His heart is his own.
Superstar musician Caden Granger has spent years running from love, commitment and family. Yet despite his fame and fortune, he knows the kind of respect and adoration he needs can only come from one person--the very woman who wants nothing to do with him.
Charity volunteer and owner of a wine boutique, Shiloh Timmons finally got her life on track once her relationship with Caden ended, and she's in no hurry to revisit a romance with the man who believes she left him standing at the altar.
If Caden can't have Shiloh by his side, all the success in the world will mean nothing. Now he has a chance to renew his promises...but is it too late?
"When I was invited to write for MIRA, the premiere Harlequin line, I wanted to write a romantic suspense and I wanted it to be connected."
Jackson said she also wanted to make the three brothers extremely different. That's why you have the lawyer, the player and the musician. Trying to find out who killed their mother, Sylvia Granger, is what holds three men together. That and trying to clear their father's name.
"I wanted Sheppard Granger to use his time wisely in jail. There are innocent people in jail and I wanted to tell that story. What if he had been executed?"
Jackson said this series is fun to write because she is in everyone's head. "Nora Roberts once told me there are no rules on point of view. As long as the reader isn't confused, you can write from any point of view."
Jackson said she allows the readers to see the thoughts of the dad, the hero, the heroine and the killer — and no, she didn't give me any clues as to who that person is.
So, who's Jackson's favorite family?
"The Madarises. They were my first book," she said. "I'm always surprised when I meet (readers) who only know The Westmorelands. Maybe it's because a Madaris book only came out once a year and there are maybe three Westmoreland books a year."
Though the Westmoreland series is 30 books strong, Jackson said after Reggie Westmoreland's story, Tall, Dark . . .Westmoreland!,  she'd planned for the series to end, but Harlequin (and the readers) wanted more. So, the Denver Westmorelands were born. The last official Westmoreland book will be about Aiden. But have no fear, there will be more Westmoreland intrigue. Then we'll be treated to the Outlaw family, who are related to the Westmorelands, she said. Remember the search for the missing Westmoreland family member?

Join Brenda Jackson in Columbia

  • Saturday, May 24 at 1pm
  • Books-A-Million – Columbia, SC
  • 164 Forum Drive
  • Columbia, SC 29229
  • Phone: 803-586-8722

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