Feel The Heat, the paperback awaits!

Is it hot in here or is it just my new book? Feel The Heat is available in paperback right now!

I love this story because Mimi Collins is a character who has been with me for years. She's headstrong, she's hot-headed and she has a mouth on her. I knew Mimi needed a special man in her life. Enter Brent Daniels. He's a man who is the total opposite of Mimi. And just like Paula said, opposites attract.

So, what's this book about? I'm so glad you asked.

Behind closed doors? 
Relationship blogger and bestselling author Mimi Collins built her brand by talking openly about sex and love. But after a blog she posts negatively depicting a speed-dating site goes viral, she needs legal advice, and fast. Lucky for her, she has an irresistible advocate in Brent Daniels, her gorgeous new neighbor. The celebrated attorney and TV personality just took on her case. And he plays to win—in and out of court. 
Putting the moves on his client is taboo, but how can Brent turn down his feelings for Atlanta's hottest romance expert? He knows what a woman really wants: candlelight and roses, champagne and seduction. Until a legal victory leads to an intimate tête-à-tête…and a very public kiss. But with a tragic secret buried in his past, Brent can't afford any negative publicity. And now that his reputation is on the line, so is his future with Mimi. And he doesn't intend to lose his chance with the woman he loves without a fight.

Get your copy today! 

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