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Monday, January 2, 2017

This analog girl has been hacked in this digital world

Most anyone who knows me knows that Starbucks is my vice. Seriously, tell me that there is free Starbucks and I'm there.
So, when I got a plethora of Starbucks gift cards for Christmas, who was happy?
This girl right here:

Well, this girl ain't that happy right now. I logged on to my Starbucks app to check my stars and see if I was going to use my free reward tomorrow before work. What did I find? 
Some son of a bitch spent $10.36 in Lincolnton, North Carolina on my card Saturday. At 1:41 PM when I was at work! Color me pissed and scared. 
A. Who is the Starbucks thief?
B. How in the blue hell did they hack me?
C. Did this happen because I think Donald Trump is a piece of Orange Shit? 
D. When am I going to get my mother#*king money back? 
My family didn't give me these gift cards for some lame bastard to steal. And I wonder what the piece of shit ordered. I hope is was nasty and burned them. Like, I'm connected to stuff, but I'm really just like Erykah Badu. 
I'm an analog girl in a digital world. 
I'd like to pay cash for everything, but people in Charlotte snatch purses. It's easier to replace cards than cash. I can imagine CMPD giving me hella side eye if I told them I had five million dollars in my purse. I see your side eye too. 

So, I called Starbucks and of course they are closed for the holiday. I tweeted them. No response yet. We'll see what happens. But I want my damned money back! 

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