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Monday, December 5, 2011

It's getting hot in here! Too Hot For TV

Classically trained actress Imani Gilliam is gifted, beautiful—and broke. Facing eviction, her only hope of staying afloat is to do the reality TV show, “Let’s Get Married.” The show pairs up single strangers, and viewers vote for who should be united in wedded bliss. Imani is only looking to be united with a paycheck—until she locks eyes with a fellow contestant…

Are About To Create A Buzz…

Dr. Raymond Thomas is determined to keep his struggling free clinic running—even if it means appearing on “Let’s Get Married.” He can’t imagine finding love on TV—but when he spots Imani, he definitely finds lust. And their attraction isn’t lost on the producers. But as the cameras start focusing on them, Raymond wonders if he’s just a tool in Imani’s career. Only time—and a life-changing choice—will tell…
Praise for More Than He Can Handle
“Hodges delivers a sizzling romance…” —Publishers Weekly
“A wonderful read.” —
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