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Friday, December 23, 2011

Nightline fail. . .This Dwayne Wade Story

God bless the Miami Heat's Dwayne Wade. He fought for custody of his children when he and his wife divorced.
He's a real dad. Good for him.

But does this make him news worthy? I mean, do we write about the sun rising in the east every morning?
When you have children your job is to raise them and take care of them. Have standards in this country, in the black community especially, dropped so low that when we see a dad doing what he's supposed to that it deserves a Nightline story?

His nickname is Mr. Mom--and?

The definition of fatherhood is taking care of your children regardless of how you feel about the mother. You have so many men who make their kids suffer because of a bad relationship with the kids' mom. Then you have men who become Boy Scout leaders to spend time with their sons, men who take their daughters for pedicures and talk about what's going on in her life. Then you have the fathers who shut down their business early every night to watch their sons practice football and end up becoming a coach. These guys aren't famous, they're the ones in your neighborhood.

The media and the so-called magazines dedicated to saving black women, tell us that black men have abandoned their families. So, yeah Wade takes care of his kids. But so do many other men.

And the Nightline story only talked about Wade's past, his mama's drug abuse and not one word about what kind of father he is. Nothing but a commercial for the NBA game coming on Christmas Day. Epic. Fail.

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