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Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Why I Invited My Ex-Girlfriend To My Wedding . . .a short story

Layla was lost. Damn these one-way Atlanta streets and damn Reed! Why did he kiss her and say he missed her when another woman was wearing his ring? Who does that? Layla banged her hand against the steering wheel as the light turned red. Looking to her left, then her right, she realized that she had stumbled into the West End and was a few miles away from the Atlanta University Center, home to Clark Atlanta University, Spelman and Morehouse colleges and Morris Brown.  She figured she might as well do some sightseeing before typing in the address to the hotel. Maybe roaming around a strange city would take her mind off that sizzling kiss. Take her mind off the throbbing she’d felt between her thighs when he’d touched the small of her back.
                “Pull it together. You have to see him in a few hours,” she mumbled as she turned the corner by Morehouse.  “I’m a professional and I can do this.” Layla pulled off on a side road and punched in the address to the W Hotel. She needed to get back on course.
         Yolanda glared at Reed when he re-entered the restaurant. “OK, what in the hell was that?” she asked.
                “What are you talking about?”
                “I have eyes, fool! I saw you kiss Layla Washington. What in the hell was that?”
                Reed shrugged not feeling the need to explain anything.  “That was two old friends, happy to see each other.”
                “Old friends my ass. What would that do to your reputation if someone else had seen you kissing her? I can see the tabloids now. Supermodel’s fiancĂ© caught in a torrid affair.” Yolanda shook her head and grabbed drink. “You know what I think.”
                “No, tell me,” he said sarcastically.
                “You and Zora aren’t right for each other and you know it.”
                “Why do you say that?”
                “Once again, I have eyes. Maybe it’s the sex or maybe it’s the whole model and hip-hop mogul thing. But if you’re as smart as I think you are, you won’t walk down the aisle.”
                Reed tilted his head and looked at Yolanda. Was she a freaking psychic?  “I’d better get back to the studio.”
                “Just let her keep the ring and pretend it was her idea to end it,” Yolanda said as she waved goodbye to him.

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