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Saturday, June 23, 2012

Books by REAL authors

These days, it seems as if any reality star or scandal making headliner has a book on the shelves.
Yes, I'm pointing my finger at Evelyn Lozada and Rielle Hunter.

I'm all for supporting real authors. You will never see me talking junk about my fellow scribes, we work too hard to build a reputation and to put quality books out there to entertain readers. For example, one of my favorite writers, Victoria Christopher Murray, is a magician with the written word. When she tells a story, you learn something, you feel something and you want more.

For a "reality show" bully star to be called an author --when we know good and damned well a ghostwriter did the heavy lifting--is simply disrespectful.

This week, proud home wrecker Rielle Hunter drops a book about her affair with former senator John Edwards and their daughter. It's currently number two on Amazon. I saw her on 20/20 and was simply disgusted by the way she talked about Elizabeth Edwards, John's dead wife.
I haven't read this book, but I'm calling it trash. Yep. Trash.

There are better books to read this summer. Do you mind if I give you a few suggestions . . .Here we go!

1. Kayla Perrin: Always In My Heart, Surrender My Heart, Heart to Heart
2. Victoria Christopher Murray: Destiny's Divas
3. Michele Grant: Pretty Boy Problems
4. Judy Lynn Hubbard: Our First Dance
5. Brenda Jackson: Courting Justice
6. Cheris Hodges (that would be me) Recipe For Desire, If It Isn't Love
7. Tayari Jones: Silver Sparrow
8. Eric Jerome Dickey: An Accidental Affair
9. Angie Daniels: Endless Enchantment
10. Farrah Rochon: Pleasure Rush, A Forever Kind Of Love
11. Bettye Griffin: Isn't She Lovely
12. Deborah Fletcher Mello: Seduced By A Stallion 
13. Aliya S. King: Diamond Life
14. ReShonda Tate Billingsley: The Secret She Kept
15. Deatri King-Bey: Third Time's A Charm

Don't spend your time reading bad books, trashy books and books that you'll want to throw at the wall. Your paint job deserves better!

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