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Friday, November 23, 2012

Check me out in Hot M.A.M.A Land

You know what really makes a romance novelist mad?

Imagine spending months, even years, with the perfect man. He's a little moody, but he has a big heart -- among other big things -- and when you need him, he's right there. Then you have to say goodbye to him and share him with the rest of the world. Yep, your hero is on the shelves and you're left to deal with the men in the real world.

Yes, those men who don't hold doors and give you side eye when you -- in your five inch heels with your hands full -- don't hold the door for them.

Yeah, those men who holler, "Hey baby!" and get mad when you keep walking without looking back.

Umm, those quarterbacks and other "ballers" who think calling a female sports reporter sweetheart or gorgeous in press conferences and on TV is just fine.

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