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Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Will the men in the Petraeus affair stand by their women?

How many times have we seen a tearful man at the podium, apologizing for letting his family down? And to the left or the right of him is the wrong, yet supportive wife with a smile on her face. Obviously it's a fake one. Hilary Clinton has done it.
Dina McGreevey did it.
Silda  Spitzer did it.

But will Paula Broadwell's husband do it?
Will Jill Kelley's husband do it?

Women are expected to stand by their man during a cheating scandal. Women are supposed to forgive and forget. Men, on the other hand, are looked at as punks if they stay with an unfaithful wife. So, the men in this scandal --just what are they going to do?

Are we going to see a quick rise in the divorce rate?

Or will they be singing Lenny Kravitz?

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