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Sunday, December 2, 2012

If Ever there was a reason to cancel a game . .

The Kansas City Chiefs and the Carolina Panthers should not play in Arrowhead Stadium this Sunday.
Anyone with common sense believes this and I don't care that reports have surfaced saying the players want to play.

Two people are dead. A child doesn't have parents and will grow up to Google what happened to her mother and father, yet the NFL wants to play a game?

A game that is meaningless in the light of this tragic event.
Angry Chiefs fans are classier than the NFL.

Originally Posted by Marty Mac Ver 2.0 View Post
forgot to cover back here...been on FB and Twitter all morning would like to inform our followers that out of respect to the Chiefs organization, coaches and most importantly the players, we have cancelled the Can Pioli Food Drive and airplane banner for tomorrow. Furthermore, we encourage fans to wear what they feel is appropriate to the game be it black, red, grey or whatever color you want to wear.

We ask that you do not carry any Fire Pioli signs into the stadium and just go to the game and be fan. Cheer for the players. Be respectful of them and what they go through on a day-to-day basis.

We feel that tomorrow's game is neither the proper place nor the proper time to continue these activities but rather tomorrow’s game should be a time for all fans to come together and help this team recover from a great tragedy.

While we are mired in a bad season with bad play and bad management, there are 52 guys on the field that just lost a friend. There are things WAY more important than football. Hug your loved ones and appreciate every breath you take. Life is too precious and way too short.

God Bless Chiefs Nation.
And sports media has a lot to say as well:
From Yahoo!:
I'm appalled that the team and league are sticking to the script, and I question the logic behind the decision. Pardon my skepticism, and that of one Chiefs player who predicted this in the wake of the tragedy: "It's all about money," he said.
In this particular situation, it shouldn't be. If the NFL wanted to do the right thing for the players, coaches and team employees reeling from this horrible occurrence — not to mention the loved ones of Belcher and, most of all, Kasandra Perkins, the woman he is believed to have slain — the league should have postponed the game until at least Monday, or canceled it.
 From USAToday:
Football in Kansas City, on this Sunday? Why not postpone the game? What's the rush?
Something seems too weird about having a game so close in timing, location and emotions to the tragedy. Yet whatever discussions were held behind closed doors between Chiefs players and staff, and on conference calls with league and players unions officials, did not move the needle in favor of pushing back the game.
Not that you'd expect this from the all-powerful, so-popular NFL. It's big business. Moving the game on short notice to, say, Monday night, would have wreaked havoc on work schedules of thousands, ruined tailgate parties and clipped into revenue streams.
So what.
 More than half of the people who participated in a reader's poll on say the game shouldn't be played.

But there are always a few who get it wrong. Sadly, they write for the Charlotte Observer.
The Kansas City-Carolina game will go on, however, and why wouldn’t it? The Charlotte Observer still would publish if I were Belcher. Your employer probably would continue to conduct business if you were.
What would anybody gain by pushing the game back a day?
Insensitive. And it gets worse. Another Observer columnist wrote this:
In their 18-year history, the Carolina Panthers have never played a game quite like the one they will play Sunday.
Carolina’s game against the Kansas City Chiefs comes only one day after K.C. linebacker Jovan Belcher shot and killed his girlfriend and then himself, according to police. The details are horrifying, and I won’t repeat them here.
The obvious question is whether the game should even be played, given that the pain is so fresh and the emotional state that the Kansas City organization and the team’s fans have to be in right now. The NFL decreed that it will be played as scheduled at 1 p.m..
That feels somewhat mercenary, although I’m OK with it. I don’t think postponing the game a few days would make things any better.
But Arrowhead Stadium – where the Chiefs haven’t won all season – will be a weird place Sunday. How do you acknowledge the deaths? How will the Kansas City players react? What sort of emotional boomerang will the Panthers feel?
Sorry, Charlotte, this is one time no one gives a damn about how the Panthers feel or if Cam will cry in his post game presser.

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