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Saturday, December 1, 2012

Waiting For The Other Shoe to Drop --Part 8

He reached into his pocket and pulled out a Trojan Magnum. All I could think was please don’t let this be ego and hype. I needed him to drop his pants immediately just to be sure. Instead, Rich lifted me up on the table and spread my legs apart. Stroking my inner thighs as he knelt down in front of me, the heat of his breath made me shiver with anticipation. Then his tongue met my wetness, I screamed. God, that felt good. Better than my nightly play with a rabbit named Ross. Rich licked and sucked my clit until I felt as if it was raining between my thighs. I couldn’t’ tell if it was that good or if my body was just that love starved. I’d never had multiple orgasms from oral sex. So far, so good.
                Rich pulled back, his face stained with my desire, and stripped out of his pants. Did I dare to look at what was waiting for me? What if he didn’t need a Magnum? What if . . . My goodness, his penis was spectacular! A big chocolate bar that made my mouth water. Rich peeled open the condom and rolled it into place. “Umm,” I gasped as he took a seat in the chair in front of me.
                “Come sit right here,” he said, holding his erection. I obliged, sitting in his lap and guiding him inside me. Rich moaned, I groaned and tightened my thighs around him. He gripped my ass tightly as I ground against him. “Yes,” he gritted as I bounced up and down. “You’re so wet, good God, this is good.”
                “Mmm, tell me about it,” I intoned as I threw my head back in ecstasy. He ran his index finger down my throat, across my collarbone. Something about that feather light touch made my nerves stand on end and my desire grew. Rich felt it, thrust his hips forward and dove deeper inside me. Gripping his neck, I felt as if I was about climax. But, I didn’t want to come first, though. Obviously, Rich didn’t either. He held my hips, slowing my pace. “Take your time and enjoy it,” he moaned. His eyes were closed and his voice was damned near Barry White deep.
I wondered if I could bring him to the brink with my tongue? So, I licked and sucked the side of his neck until he cried out for me to stop.  I didn’t. He came. I won –even though I’m sure Rich didn’t even know there was a game going on.
Opening his eyes, he looked at me and I smiled. “You cheated,” he said.
“Really? And you feasting on me wasn’t cheating?”
He winked at me and kissed my collarbone. “Wait until round two.”
“I guess we need to eat. You’re going to need your strength,” I quipped.

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