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Sunday, December 16, 2012

Ten years ago: I knew Revelations was coming in June

It's hard for me to believe that my first romance novel, Revelations, is about to be 10 years old.
The publisher had my manuscript in December and I waited for the process to begin. Since I'd never had a serious edit of a novel, when I got my marked up manuscript back, I was confused. I had the nerve to think that my book was perfect as it was.

Thank God for editors.
Here are some things that taken out of the book because it made no sense at all!
  • I'd written a scene where Shari (the heroine) found a letter her dead fiance wrote -- some three years after his death. 
  • Shari's mom is a bitch and I never showed why she was. I just made her mean for no reason.
  • I learned what an info dump was. I had written paragraphs upon paragraphs telling a characters back story rather than show how things shaped these characters into who they were. 
I can't say it enough. Thank God for editors.
So, to mark my upcoming decade of romance I'm giving away some of my out of print titles. I'm starting with Cautious Heart. 

Here's what RAWSISTAZ Reviewers said about Cautious Heart in a 4-Star review:

After catching her fiancé Damien in a compromising position one too many times, Detective Caprice Johnson is fed up with him and love, so she decides to end her engagement once and for all. Believing that a fresh start in a new city is just what she needs, Caprice moves from Chicago to North Carolina. The move, however, does not deter Damien, who follows her in hopes that she will forgive him and take him back. Hours after a very bitter argument between the two, Damien is found murdered in his hotel room and Caprice is the prime suspect.

Detective Nathan Wallace, Caprice's former partner, can't believe the allegations leveled against Caprice. Even at the risk of losing his own job, Nathan joins Caprice, whom he has loved since the first day they met, on her quest to prove her innocence. It is also Nathan's wish to convince Caprice to take another chance at love...with him.

CAUTIOUS HEART is a captivating tale with just the right mix of love, romance, murder and mystery. I truly enjoyed this book and look forward to other works by Ms. Hodges.

Reviewed by Renee Williams
of The RAWSISTAZ Reviewers
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Ollie said...

Thank you,

Ollie Moss

tomiko russell said...

Thanks Cheris for the great books and great blog. I love this story When the other shoe drops.

tomiko russell said...

Oops I mean Waiting for the other shoe to drop. Still waiting on the next installment.

Cheris Hodges said...

Tomiko, as soon as I finish this book that I'm working on, I'm going to finish that story as well. Mimi is mad at me because I've been ignoring her. LOL!

tomiko russell said...

Okay thanks Cheris. When will Alicia story come out? That's the story I'm really waiting on to complete the friends collection.