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Monday, December 10, 2012

In my Denny Green voice: Cam Newton is who we thought he was

Sunday, Carolina Panthers quarterback Cam Newton was Superman.

He made history. He's the first player in NFL history to throw for over 250 yards, rush for 100, toss a touchdown pass and rush for one.  EVER.

Oh and he scrambled for 72 against the best team in the NFL to get a touchdown. Watch it here.
Superman indeed.

Newton has been criticized a lot this season, some of it deserved. But this is the Cam folks have been waiting to see. The player who makes plays. (If I called him the playmaker, I think Michael Irvin would sue me.)

After the game, Newton who is from Atlanta, said this game was personal and now when he goes back to the A, he can have a chip on his shoulder.

Newton can be some what happy with his play of late --after all the Panthers aren't going to the post season --- but he has shown maturity as a QB.
In his last four games, 11 touchdowns and no INTs.
Panthers fans, this may be the start of something good--next season. 

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