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Monday, June 2, 2014

Blog Tour Post: The Writing Process

My dear friend, Shameika Rhymes, queen of the Mofo Chronicles, invited me to participate in the Blog Tour post about the writing process. 
I love words, I love to write and make up stories. And most importantly, I love my freedom. So, when I say, 'careful or you'll end up in my novel,' that means, you've pissed me off so badly that I want to harm you, but going to jail is not in my plans. 

The purpose of this blog tour is to answer four questions about your craft and introduce your readers to three new writers.

Here. We. Go! 

I'm currently working on my latest novel, a short story for an anthology and a novella that will be released this summer, possibly. (LOL) Some people say hearing voices in your head is a bad thing. Those people are not writers. When the voices of your characters stop, then there is a problem. I love having so many different stories to tell because we as African American writers should control the images that are fed into the mainstream media. We can't allow others to control what we look like on screen. And we certainly should not be painted with the same brush. OK, hoping off my soap box.

HOW DOES MY WORK DIFFER FROM OTHERS OF ITS GENRE: When people think romance, they usually think perfect characters with no flaws. I create flawed people who fall in love. I'm told by a lot of people that I'm funny. I don't see it but if that's what the readers think, then I'm all for it. Romance allows writers to be free and it is also one of the hardest genres to write because everyone knows the hero and the heroine will be together in the end. You just have to make sure you put them through a lot in the middle.

The thing that I love the most about romance is that you're able to craft characters who look like the people you'd like to hang out with. They have a rocky past, but they overcome it, are successful and fall in love. Who doesn't want that kind of life? And I love the fact that the readers of romance are so invested in the characters and want more —when you deliver a good book to them.

HOW DOES YOUR WRITING PROCESS WORK:  It starts like this, brew coffee. Turn computer on, write. Sip coffee. Write. And repeat. It's important for me to write something every day, even if I know that tomorrow those words will be deleted and replaced with something else.

Here are some writers who you should get to know.

  1. Nila N. Brown. She is someone I love to read, fun, serious and one of the few African American fantasy writers who think outside of the box. Black folks writing about demons? Yeah, get to know her!
  2. Cassandra Baker-Durham. There are some people who you meet and you know they have been touched by God. Cassandra is one of those people. An amazing writer with talent beyond measure.
  3. Eve Vaughn. This USA Today best selling author crafts erotic romance and is just a hoot to be around. I met Eve at Romance Slam Jam in New Orleans and she is as amazing of a person as she is a writer.

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Nila N. Brown said...

I really enjoyed reading this. It's great to see how the mind of an Author works...I wish I was as focused as you are, and thanks for the shout out!