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Friday, June 6, 2014

Chatting with Author Sharon C. Cooper

Sharon C. Cooper has been writing for years. And believe it or not, her first book wasn't a romance. She was reaching out to a different demographic —kids.
But romance won out and we are thankful because since 2012, she's been penning hot novels.
And I had the pleasure of meeting Sharon at Romance Slam Jam in New Orleans. She is as nice as she is talented.  Sharon spoke with me about her debut Kimani Press novel, Legal Seduction —which is a RT Book Reviews Top Pick — and writing.
Sharon C. Cooper

1. Your debut Kimani novel is a RT top pick, what did you feel when you saw that review?

I was TOTALLY shocked and flattered at the same time! As an author, you just never know how your work will be received, especially since books are so subjective. Also, I had never heard of RT "Top Picks" before (sad to say). I first found out about the review from author Wayne Jordan. After that, I started getting FB inbox messages and emails regarding being a "Top Pick" and figured that this RT review thingy must be a big deal or something. Lol! Needless to say, I'm excited about the review and so glad to know that someone enjoyed the story! :)

2. How long have you been writing?
I have been writing fiction for a few years, but self-published my first book in April of 2012, not knowing what to expect or that my journey would lead to writing for Harlequin Kimani Romance.

3. Did you always know you were going to write romance?

No, actually I didn’t. I’ve always enjoyed writing for fun and I have always journaled. I was also a grant writer for years. It wasn’t until shortly after high school that I read my first romance novel and since then I have devoured them! Lol! A few years ago I considered writing a book. And actually, my first book was a children’s book entitled – But I Washed My Hands Yesterday- (smile). I ended up turning the children's story into a play and then sold it. But after realizing my love for romance novels, I decided to try my hand at writing one and never expected my writing career to take off the way it has.

4. Tell the readers about your latest novel, Legal Seduction.

Legal Seduction is my debut Harlequin Kimani Romance. The story is about a criminal defense attorney, Iris Sinclair, who is compassionate, loves her job, but works too much. Just as she is about to take a long overdue vacation, she’s approached by the infamous Nash Dupree who wants her to take on his niece’s case (he’s her guardian). The handsome guardian has thrown a wrench in Iris's plans. Nash Dupree is an Atlanta club owner with a wicked reputation of being a lady's man. When the sparks fly between he and Iris, what was supposed to be just another routine case becomes a very personal mission. Iris has to decide whether the former bad boy who has stolen her heart really has reformed.

Here’s the blurb for Legal Seduction:

When it comes to desire, they’re both pleading guilty.

In the courtroom, criminal defense attorney Iris Sinclair is cool and confident. Yet, around her new client’s guardian, she loses all composure. Atlanta club owner Nash Dupree is an infamous playboy who could compromise Iris’s heart as well as her case. For once, she feels like a curvy goddess instead of a strait-laced lawyer—even if the evidence suggests what he’s looking for is strictly short-term.

No matter what the tabloids claim, Nash has made his teenage niece his first priority, and without Iris’s help he’ll lose guardianship. What began as seduction, a sweet thrill, has turned into something more—now he wants Iris forever. But proving his intentions means winning her trust before his reputation drives away the only woman who has ever captivated him, body and soul…

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5. What's next on the horizon for you?

My next release is All You’ll Ever Need, book 2 of the Jenkins Family Series (August 2014). 

I actually have a busy year ahead of me with a couple of books coming out this year and a few next year (including 2 Harlequin Kimani Romances next year). Readers can keep up with me and my releases by visiting my website:

6. How can readers follow you online? 

Readers can connect with me and find out what I’m working on, as well as info. on my future releases by visiting:




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Sharon Cunningham Cooper said...

Cheris, it was such a pleasure meeting you at the RSJ conference! I was truly in fangirl mode being around you amazing authors! Thank you so much for the interview and for letting me share a little about my latest release! Greatly appreciate it!

Deborah Mello said...

So excited for you! Congratulations! I can't wait to read it!

Cheris Hodges said...

I'm going to read it Sunday if I meet my word count. This is my reward for doing what I'm supposed to do! Sharon, you rock, dear!

Sharon C Cooper said...

Thank you, Deborah!! I hope you enjoy the story!

Sharon C Cooper said...

Aww, thank you Cheris! I hope you meet your word count - for more reasons than one! :)