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Sunday, June 1, 2014

I should be writing a book, but. . .

If you follow me on Facebook or Twitter, even Pintrest, you know that I have this thing for Super Heroes. My day off on my day job is Wednesday because that's when the new comic books come out.

So, today — since I refused to leave the house and I was supposed to be writing my novel—I decided to watch some movies. First one I grabbed was Ironman. Oh how I love Robert Downey Jr. in that role.
Most people would have picked up Ironman 2 as the next movie. But I decided to watch Batman Begins. 

And then I started thinking: Bruce Wayne and Tony Stark are really the same kind of super hero. Billionaires.
No family.
Looking for vengeance.

But the differences between the two (and why Batman is BETTER) is Bruce hides in the shadows. He  wants to stop crime because he was touched by it personally. Losing a loved one to violence changes a child. Violence changes all people. Even Tony Stark, a weapons maker, who saw what his creations did to innocent people.

Both become ideals. Symbols of hope to the masses. But the differences between them make for different types of heroes. In the mythology of both men, they seem to be womanizers. But Stark is truly who believes in treating women as disposable tissues. For Bruce Wayne, it's an act.

Stark is a drunk. And proud of it. He parties like a rock star. He announces that he is Iron Man before the press. Seemingly not giving a damn what will happen to the people he cares about. Yeah,  Pepper Potts is in danger and it doesn't really put a spin on how Tony lives his life. After all, most super heroes keep their identity a secret. Even my least favorite one, Spiderman. (Don't get me started on Spiderman.)
But Stark flamboyantly shows off his identity as Iron Man. Bruce took lessons — though he learned from a mad man — and hid in the shadows. He became Gotham City's shadowy protector. Tony Stark worked with the government. Standing in the flash of the media.

Batman is a better hero. Batman seeks to guide and protect. Is he borderline crazy? Yes. He doesn't have a "super power." He doesn't use guns —because those were the instruments that took his father and mother. And he feels as if that is his fault.

Ironman is a weapon. Built by the very technology that he saw kill thousands. A little bit hypocritical in this writer's opinion.

So, who do you want protecting you? Batman or Ironman?

And I'm getting back to my writing.

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