Celebrating Women's History Month with Vanessa Riley

It's fitting that author Vanessa Riley is joining my celebration of Women's History Month today. She writes about all things regency. And yes, black people were around and free during the regency.
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Vanessa Riley 

When did you fall in love with romance?

I was in my teens watching my parent’s marriage implode and I needed to believe that lasting happy-ever-afters were still possible.

How long have you been writing about minority characters?
Since 2013 with a heroine of Spanish descent. However as I gained acceptance writing for the Regency Romance community, I let my passion for the Blackamoor and mulatto communities of that era shine. My third novel, The Bargain, was my breakout hit, for a lot of reasons, but mainly for Precious Jewel, an unabashedly brave formerly enslaved woman who finds her strength trying to help save a colony in South Africa.
When you started writing, what was your motivation?
I had vivid dreams that would go away until I wrote them down. Now I can’t get the rhythm of the prose out of my head until it’s typed.
When was your first romance novel published?
What is the first thing you thought when you got fan reaction to your book?
Oh, my goodness. I found my people. Seriously, it was very humbling.
Who are some of your favorite AOC?
Beverly Jenkins, Alyssa Cole, Phyllis Bourne, Cheris Hodges, Farah Rochon

What is your favorite romance novel?
Pride & Prejudice, Something Like Love
How would you describe your novels?
I write the story of the voiceless 10,000 Blackamoor and Mulatto peoples who lived in London during the time of Jane Austen. They live and loved and found ways to survive so that future generations could also have happy-ever-afters
If you had the choice to put one of your books on screen, which one would it be and why?
The Butterfly Bride (10/29/2018). The romance and the suspense in this historical romance should be breath-taking.
Who would you cast in the movie as the hero and the heroine?

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle, but I think they are busy.


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