Celebrating Women's History Month with Elle Wright

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Romance author Elle Wright joins me today to celebrate Woman's History month. She's also about to kick off a new series! 

When did you fall in love with romance?

I fell in love with romance about seventeen years ago. I had just had my daughter, and was home on medical leave for complications. I was bored out of my mind, and a little depressed, when my mother came for a visit. She handed me Indigo by Beverly Jenkins and encouraged me to read it as an escape. Immediately, I shoved the book away and told her I’m not reading that book. But she insisted, telling me it was a lovely read, set in an area close to my hometown. I relented and took the book. And let me tell you, I’m so glad I did. Reading that book changed my entire life. From that moment on, I was a lover of all things Beverly Jenkins and that one book kick started my love of the genre.

How long have you been writing about minority characters?

Writing minority characters is a must for me, and I’ve been doing it since I picked up the pen to write my own novel. I am in love with “Black Love” so I write about the love between black men and women.

When you started writing, what was your motivation?

Initially, I wanted to pen a soap opera, complete with drama, sex, and emotional dialogue. I was inspired by the ability to tell multiple stories from different POVs. And of course, I wanted the money. LOL  

But then I started writing my first book, and I realized I could do this. What motivates me is actually reading the finished product. What motivates me is the gleam in my children’s eyes when they tell people their mother is an author. What motivates me are the words, the characters, the story. I can’t stop.

When was your first romance novel published?

My first romance novel was The Forbidden Man, published in July of 2015. It was book one in my Edge of Scandal series.

What is the first thing you thought when you got fan reaction to your book?

I was floored. Seriously. I couldn’t believe that people actually loved my book, and loved it enough to read it twice! Then, to hear authors that I’ve read and admired tell me they enjoyed it… Oh God!  I balled my eyes out. I was so overjoyed.

Who are some of your favorite AOC?

Oh, too many to name. Beverly Jenkins, Brenda Jackson, Cheris Hodges, Zuri Day, Nicki Night, Sheryl Lister, Sherelle Green, Kennedy Ryan, Angela Seals, Anita Davis, Christine Hughes, Nana Prah, Christina Lauren… the list could go on and on.

What is your favorite romance novel?

Indigo is still my favorite romance novel. I read it at least once a year, and still get chills when Galen stands up in that church!!!

How would you describe your novels?

This is always hard for me. I would classify my books as edgy contemporary romance. An Elle Wright book has scandal, heat, humor, and heart.

If you had the choice to put one of your books on screen, which one would it be and why?

Oh boy… this is hard because I’m always writing. But if I’d have to choose one, it would be The Forbidden Man. I absolutely LOVE Morgan and Sydney. They are my heartbeats, and they were first.

Who would you cast in the movie as the hero and the heroine?

Ooo boy… Anyone that knows me knows who my choice for Morgan Smith would be: Idris Elba, of course. And for Sydney? I’d say Rochelle Aytes or Tia Mowry.


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