So when did I fall in love with . . . Car sales?

He looked me in the eye with a little smirk and asked, "Can you pass the drug test?"
"Of course."
And with that, I was hired.
Hired where?
At a Ford dealership that serves Starbucks in the lobby. I might just be in love.
The first time I sold a car was in 2013. And I never thought it was something I'd fall in love with. I'm a journalist. I'm a writer. But some where along the way, I turned into a car girl. I blame my former general manager. The guy who must be psychic because he hired me with no experience.

I took a break from the car business for a couple of years and hated every job I had. Especially the proofreading job. And I thought that was in my wheel house. So, I got a chance to come back to the business and do what I do best, talk to people and email them.

I don't know when I fell in love with selling cars. Y'all remember the Wonderland stories.
But there's something about making someone happy and getting them into their dream car. Or helping a person get their first car.
And now, I'm going to be putting everybody in a Mustang! That is, if I passed the drug test.
**Spoiler Alert** I got 99 problems but passing the drug test ain't one.


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