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Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Chatting with Latanya Frett, vice president global Planned Parenthood Fund Action Center

The funding of Planned Parenthood has become a key sticking point in the 2012 election. GOP nominee Mitt Romney has gone on record saying the he'd get rid of it to save money. But Planned Parenthood is important to low income women who count on the services of the organization for health screenings.
The Planned Parenthood Action Fund has thrown its support behind President Barack Obama and at the Democratic National Convention, the group rallied women. 

The Planned Parenthood® Action Fund, the host of, is a national not-for-profit organization with its main offices in New York City and Washington, DC. The Action Fund is the nonpartisan advocacy and political arm of Planned Parenthood Federation of America. The Action Fund engages in educational and electoral activity, including legislative advocacy, voter education, and grassroots organizing to promote the Planned Parenthood mission.
At the event outside of the NASCAR Hall of Fame, PPFA global vice president, Latanya Frett, spoke about why the group supports Obama.

Latanya Frett, vice president global, PPFA
"We are watching," Frett said. "We're concerned about what the policies are going to be. We are about it for ourselves, we care about it for our children and we want to make sure that we have the best representation available."

That's not the GOP. When GOP senate candidate Todd Akin said:  “legitimate rape” rarely causes pregnancy, Frett was in Costa Rica and the statement didn't play any better there than it did in the states.
"The most disturbing thing was our colleagues and our friends in other countries and what they're thinking. I knew it was an ignorant remark, but have people from other countries ask, 'why is he saying that?' 'what does that mean for us?' It was really hurtful. We have to be really careful with the messages that we send --not just to America -- but to the rest of the world as well."

What makes her support President Obama?
Frett said the bills he's signed into law shows that he's for equality.
"He's supported equality for women, for races. He's shown that he cares about every one in every class."
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