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Friday, September 7, 2012

Social media fails

This week if we haven't learned anything, I hope we've learned that Facebook and Twitter will bring fools to their knees.

Two people have threatened the President's life on Twitter.
Dumb ass Donte Sims from Charlotte, who according to The Charlotte Observer, "apologized for threatening to kill the president both verbally and through a written apology."

Three more tweets over the next 12 minutes include Sims allegedly saying he was going to aim a gun at Obama’s forehead and that he was “plotting President Obama’s murder.”
According to an affadavit, federal investigators spoke with Sims on Wednesday at his southeast Charlotte home, where he acknowledged that was his Twitter account and he had indeed posted those messages.
An agent said Sims “smiled as I read the statements about him. Sims stated that he published the statements because he hated President Obama.”
Then Ohio teen, Alyssa Douglas tweeted last night: “Someone needs to assassinate Obama…like ASAP.”
But unlike Dumb ass Donte Sims, this little white girl is not in jail.; I digress however.

And over on Facebook, the new boyfriend saw a picture of his girlfriend on her ex's page. What did he do?
He reported that the other man had a bomb on a Dallas bound plane

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A man angry about a compromising Facebook photo of his girlfriend took revenge against the ex-boyfriend who posted it, making a hoax call to police that set off a terrorism scare and got the former beau taken off an airliner at gunpoint, authorities say.
The new boyfriend, Kenneth W. Smith Jr., was arrested Friday on charges of making a false threat to Philadelphia police, who recalled a Dallas-bound flight and marched the ex-beau, Christopher Shell, off the plane Thursday.
What happened to ordering pizzas and sending them to someone's house? Ordering magazines -- like Playgirl -- for a guy or pouring five pounds of sugar in someone's gas tank (too much?).
Everyone doesn't need a Twitter or Facebook account. These three Rhodes Scholars prove that.

PS: The new boyfriend went to jail too, he had a drug warrant in Texas. Smith might want to watch his back. Sims might not want to drop the soap and Douglas just needs her ass beat.

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