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Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Where the EpiCentre Crowd and Bankers will be this week. . . DNC

My former editor and current friend, Carlton Hargro (follow him on Twitter @carltonhargro) captures where the regular uptown Charlotte crowd will be in his Business Week article, Occupy Charlotte.

If you're a Charlotte resident, you know this is true!

Here's Mr. EpiCentre (certainly a stereotype, but not really).

The Uptown Charlotte crowd has a reputation of not wanting people to invade their turf. They're known to disappear during the CIAA, Speed Street and anytime when people who don't use hair gel or GTL come to town.

One word of caution, I'm sure President Obama is going to go to Amelie's, the highlight of NoDa, since he invited the owners to Washington to highlight how small businesses have succeeded.

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