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Friday, September 7, 2012

Post DNC musings. . .

Labor Day: 

One thing I realized, Democrats whine a lot. When you step on to a crowded Charlotte Area Transit Light Rail train, you can't expect to be comfortable. But one whiny witch complained so loudly and vehemently about my purse touching her precious arm, while my face was nearly pressed into the chest (moobs and all) of a strange man --who thank the LORD smelled good -- that people started shifting to make this heffa comfortable. Glad this witch is gone!
All of NC's HBCUs have been ignored in the DNC talk of higher education. It's not in the program how student from NC A&T got the sit in movement rolling, nothing about NCCU, JCSU, WSSU. . .I'm not feeling that. North Carolina is more than UNC, Duke and NC State. I mean, really, NC State?!
A quick note, the rest of North Carolina is really going to hate Charlotte forever. Hopefully enough to keep Pat McCrory out of the governor's mansion. Outsider my ass.

 Question of the week, though: What the hell was BET doing in Charlotte?
Day One: 
I woke up wondering if people can say with a straight face that Charlotte's favorite Christian, Billy Graham isn't racist. No one has heard from of seen him during the DNC, but Visit Charlotte wants to send folks to his library. Give me a break.
Michelle Obama was awesome. The visiting journalists, not so much. Social media has turned people into assholes. And if you give an asshole an audience and a web site, you get stories about "Charlotte's Crack Hotels" and whatever the hell this trick Cindy Adams wrote in the New York Post. Ma'am, your hotel is in Rock Hill, you're not hitting on shit down here. And the local media actually covered this crap. There was so much more going on. But this is the easy thing. And while these visiting journalists were complaining.
That ain't Corey Booker.

Day Two:

I found out today that I won't get to see President Obama's speech live because the DNC moved his speech from Bank of America stadium to Time Warner Cable Arena. I wanted to cry. However, I'm ready for the DNC to be over because the visitors are getting a little out of pocket. Take this witch in the convention center: I walked into the little store in the center, she was already in there. I purchased a Diet Pepsi and I was using my debit card. The cashier--who should've just been happy that I decided to pay $2.50 for a 20-ounce soda--asked if I had cash. Nope. Take the card and shut up. This cow behind me says, "$2.50 on a card?" Actually, witch it was $2.68. I say back, "I don't carry cash. You can get robbed out here. Mind your business." I don't know why she thought I gave a fat baby's ass about her opinion. You want me to carry cash, hand yours over--heffa. I don't understand how the anti-abortion folk made it down to the Convention Center. No one wants to see aborted fetuses before lunch. Those pictures are disturbing, but they don't make me want to tell another woman that she shouldn't have an abortion. It's funny because the men--who will never get pregnant--were holding the most heinous signs. S-O-BS! Also disturbing, the Coalition of African American Pastors. These "men of God" are like Grandpa from the Boondocks, taking credit for the civil rights movement and probably didn't do shit. Amen.

I'm not the best at math, but one pastor said he'd been married for 20 years, has four kids --ages 20, 24,26--there was some premarital sex going on and last I checked, that's a sin too.
Speaking of lunch, my good friend and former editor went to lunch at what used to be one of my favorite restaurants in South End. He asked me if something was crawling on him. I didn't see anything. Then he jumped and a big ass ROACH fell off him. Welcome to Charlotte. Damn.  I tried to talk to some Republicans today, they ignored me. This song is for the GOP:
Last thing, former President Bill Clinton's nose looks like a toy you'd find at The RedDoor.

Last Day of the DNC: 

You know when I was done with the DNC, when the fucker who gets arrested for threatening to murder the president does it on Twitter. 
This 21-year old fool has just written his life off in 140 characters. You're not going to county jail, dumb ass, you're going to federal prison.

Investigators told WBTV that Donte Jarmar Sims, 21, was arrested on Wednesday, charged in a felony criminal complaint accusing him of threatening the president's life.
The threats were done via Sims' Twitter account on Monday morning.
The first tweet was sent out at 10:06 a.m. on Monday when Sims tweeted, "Well Ima Assassinate president Obama this evening !... Gotta get this monkey off my chest while he's in town."
"Ima hit president Obama with that Lee Harvey Oswald swagg," he tweeted just two minutes later.
WBTV took at look at Sims' Twitter account, which is still active, and saw that he sent out five threatening messages within a 14-minute span.
"The Secret Service is gonna be defenseless once I aim the Assault Rifle at Barack's Forehead ... F* the #DNC," he continued.
Sims is being held at a federal detention center and has a hearing scheduled for next Tuesday.
Investigators say that Sims was interviewed by Secret Service agents at his home where he admitted that he hated the President.
WBTV has learned that Sims' tweets were discovered by a Secret Service intelligence specialist.
What an ass clown.
Well, that's a wrap. DNC visitors, you don't have to go home, but you got to get the hell out of here. Bye, y'all. 

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