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Monday, September 3, 2012

Did you see the banner plane flying in Uptown this morning? . . .DNC

Former Charlotte Mayor Pat McCrory wants to be the next governor of North Carolina.

But Progress North Carolina wants to know: Who Pays Pat McCrory?

The group, which says on its web site is not endorsed by any political candidate, says it matters "who pays a man."

Progress North Carolina Action is asking gubernatorial candidate Pat McCrory to:
  1. Release his tax returns,
  2. Release his client list, and
  3. Explain what he does for a living.

Current governor Beverly Perdue won't be running for re-election in November. She beat McCrory in 2008-- even in Charlotte -- where he was the city's longest running mayor.
McCrory faces Lt. Governor Walter Dalton in November. If you've seen McCrory's TV spots, he seems to be down playing his Charlotte connections and playing up his small town past. Maybe it's because of the "Charlotte Curse."

What's that? No former mayor of North Carolina's largest city has ever been elected governor. (Hi, Richard Vinroot.)

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