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Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Here's an idea, talk to your lying cheating friends

From Steve Harvey to Ray J, men have so much advice for women when it comes to love.
Please miss me with the boo-boo.

Why not tell the lying and cheating masses how to love a woman? Don't think you will sell to many books doing that? Why not tell men who lie to get the panties that the truth is the right way instead of telling women to 'think like a man?'

Why not tell a cheating man to stop cheating instead of explaining how and why men cheat? I'm so sick of men telling women what they are doing wrong without acknowledging their sins. And it's not just the celebrities -- from Facebook to Twitter some random guy has some pearl of wisdom for single women.

Do me a favor, STFU. This means you, Kevin Hart! What are you saying to your friend -- the male ones-- who are cheating and lying to their women? The ones with kids who talk so much junk about the woman who delivered the babies, what are you saying to him when he's talking that noise? If you aren't posting status updates about how he should respect her or tweeting rules on coparenting, don't tell me what I need to do to attract one of those.

Talk to your boys and leave me the hell alone.


1 comment:

tomiko russell said...

Finally, someone says what I've been thinking. Women are so gullible they buy into these celebrities bull it advice.