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Saturday, January 12, 2013

Waiting For The Other Shoe To Drop: Part 13 B

Wh-what can I get you two to drink? he asked.
            Ill have a Grand Patron margarita and a shot of Patron, I said. I needed to put something in my mouth other than my foot. The waiter quickly turned away from me as if he was so not trying to look at me. Rich ordered a Coke and I almost felt bad about all the alcohol Id just ordered. Like I said, almost.
            What was that about an orgasm, without an s? Rich asked, leaning into me once the waiter left. I know I felt you come more than once.
            Let me quote another contemporary poet, you have big ego.
            Thanks. Because you know ego was a . . .
            Im not talking about that. Anyway, are we going to be bed buddies or is this supposed to develop into something deeper?
            Thats a good question. Are you going to let me in and get to know the real Mimi or do I get the sarcastic and caustic girl?
            If you think Im all of that, why bother? When I saw the waiter approaching, I stopped talking. He looked as if he was about to drop our drinks and I needed that shot now.
            He set the drinks on the table and asked if we were ready to order. Give us a few minutes, Rich said as I gulped my Patron.
            It burned. One more, I said to the waiter. Thanks.
            He nodded and headed back to the bar. I turned to Rich and propped my chin on my fist. So, I probed.
            I like you. I like your style and even that attitude of yours. I feel like theres more to you than that, though.
            I took a sip of my margarita. Really?
            Come on, Ive been building up the nerve to talk to you for a while and Im glad I finally stopped being a punk and did it. Youre a firecracker. I like your heat.
            You like my pussy. Damn it! The waiter was back again. He heard everything.

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